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URGENT>WARNING from the DOCTOR! Ron Paul talking on Social unrest and coming CHAOS (Video)

I had not seen this on the 22nd of January. Ron Paul put out this video on the dollar and social unrest, and police state. Must see.
Mr. Nystrom...this should be put embedded on the front page. Very Important.


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You wonder how much inside information he knows...

but is not at liberty to say... In other words people ...read between the lines..

Ask why would Ron Paul put out a video with such a topic, if he did not think that this was an urgent issue?

And... he knows that almost exclusively his political base--us-- will be the only ones who see this video. (of course some others will..but mostly us) So....

what is his motive? What would you do if you knew something very bad was coming ...but could not tell people the specifics? Would you still try to warn them? Probably so... That is what this video is...

Watch it...AND THEN GO TAKE SOME PROACTIVE PREPARATIONS FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES.... remember he would not waste his time making this video unless...there was aVERY REAL REASON BEHIND THE WARNING!!

I agree

Those were my thoughts when I made the title. I felt Dr. Paul knows exactly who would pick up on this video...us. This is not a video that the msm would grab and run with. Ron Paul took his time to make this special video for a reason. Think about it.

well hope you can get this to as many RP supporters as

possible... Before its too late....


to everyone you know.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Very Important information in that vid from Dr. Paul for sure

Bump for the morning crew.

Thank-you, Ron Paul

is my President

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!


video just was placed on Jim Sinclairs front page...Interesting. Look at his lead in comment.
"Ron Paul lays out the future economic events correctly. I hope he is not, but fear he is right on point number 3."
You have to scroll down a little...but their is the good Doctor Paul.

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Thanks for posting,


Moderator in the house?

Bump for you takeaction - great one!

Front page!!!


I think we all missed this one some how?

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no, just you guys

See? & See?

You do understand your vid here isn't all of the talk, right?

Please don't yell such alarmist titles.

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