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Rand's New Ad


When Rand first announced his candidacy I naively believed that he would just be a younger version of his father. Now, with this ad and the praise he's heaped upon Palin, he's lost all of my respect.

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What WOULD you do with enemy combatants?

That is my question for those who don't like Rand's position.

The fact is we are capturing people whether we like it or not. So what should a senator be in favor of doing with them? Release them? Try them in a civilian court? Or try them in a military court? Throw them in jail forever with no trial? What other choices are there?

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this ad made me very very very sad.

Is it terrible campaign advice he's getting from whomever is behind this tact, or is this the real core message of Rand himself coming out? I just feel he's throwing away all the good will that flowed to him from the liberty movement at the beginning of his campaign in order to appeal to the Republican Establishment.

at first glance perhaps..however consider this...

His core constituency knows him for who he is..really is, however many (hard core Republicans) may associate him with Ron Paul, who they (unfortunately) think hates the military, and is not pro defense, so..by putting up a strong defense like ad, he stops the attacks/lies that others may throw at him in advance, thereby cementing in most of the masses eyes, (the unaware old school GOP voters) that he is one of them .(to a degree)

His campaign is unlike Ron Pauls in that it is not an educational journey, he wants to win!!! And is planning on winning. Imagine how much good he will do in the next 4 years as a sitting Senator? Having him as an ally in the senate, is...or will be ..priceless....

You do what you can to get elected,

As long as he doens't lie or mispresent himself what's the problem? Something wrong with being for a strong national defense?

I realize that his core base may be

toothless banjo pickers, that think you shoot marijuana in your veins, and think Al CIAduh is hiding under everyones bed, but c'mon.

So if he is NOT lying, and he is telling the truth, then that seems to make him ignorant of the fact that :

6 of the 10, 9/11 commission members called the investigation a fraud.

Bin Laden used to work for the CIA.

Bin Laden's brother (Salem), used to be in business with Bush Jr. in Arbusto Oil Co.

Only the Bin Ladens were allowed to fly to escape the country, on the day where all air traffic was grounded.

The FBI hasn't charged Bin Laden with the crime of 9/11, according to their 10 most wanted list.

Joe Biden met with the Pakistani ISI head, that reportedly wired Muhammed Atta 100 grand.

On....and on.....and on.....and on...

Let him say what he wants. I donated to his campaign. I just hope he walks a different walk, than his current talk.

Nobody is a version of anyone else.

There will never be a duplicate of Ron Paul on every issue. Just going to have get used to no two people being identical.

What's exactly is wrong with the ad? What do you disagree with that was said?



well... well what?

is this meant to say it is good ? or ..unfinished comment?