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Inflation in INDIA causing Food riots and violence. No MSM?

I find it quite amazing that something like this is not reported....just little corners of the net, that I find the news. Could this be a sign of what is coming?
NEW DELHI/PATNA: Violence erupted against rising food prices in Bihar on Thursday, heaping more political pressure on the government to focus on
rather than growth and financial reform.
Mobs stoned trains and jammed roads with burning tyres in Bihar, trying to enforce a day-long shutdown.
Shops, offices and schools remained closed on Thursday, when official data showed that food prices in Asia's third-largest economy
rose an annual 17.4 percent in mid-January.
At least 12 passengers were injured when angry crowds stoned a train in Hajipur town, while thousands marched in the street in different parts of the state asking shops to shutter.
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Fallout from free trade

With Free Trade in place inflation can easily result from price increases, or *price fixing* across borders.

Financial warfare from Financial Terrorists


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

If prices are increasing

If prices are increasing there mostly with food, then inflation might not be their problem. IMO, there is a very real chance of food shortages in the future. Without price controls, food shortages will result in higher prices, which is the free market way of dealing with the issue of supply/demand going out of balance. If their government mandates price controls, because of the rioting, then they can expect the store shelves to start emptying if the prices are too low.

The world's food supply is in quite a fragile state at the moment. It's been building up for a while. From what I've read, worldwide grain reserves have been decreasing every year for the past decade or so. This I believe is correlated to an emerging middle class in developing countries such as China and India. Imagine the kind of increased strain put on the commercial worldwide food supply when many tens of millions of people each year move from village life to city life in those countries. All those people go from producing their own food to having city desk jobs and buying their food from the market... the same worldwide food supply market that most of us in the U.S. buy from.

Back in spring 2008 the shortages started in that region of the world. I recall many countries banning exports of rice and the end result was that the Philippines had nobody to buy from and were going to be many thousands of tons short of rice for the year (I think it was 200,000 tons short). The U.S. stepped in and guaranteed that we would supply whatever they needed. Back when all that was going on I remember reading reports of warehouse stores in California beginning to limit shoppers on how much rice they could buy.

The financial crisis in the U.S. also caused a lot of problems for farmers who were unable to get money to buy the fertilizer they needed for their farms. I imagine that will have a significant impact on the output from all those farms.

Hopefully this is not the start of food shortages.

Even worse would be if food shortages being at the same time as inflation starting to kick in as well.

Anyone who hasn't done so should have at least a small emergency supply of food... and maybe some seeds just in case of a worst case type of scenario unfolding.


Food shortages will definitely be seen here

I have seen stats and read much about
the global food situation. It is not good. I have personally observed the
situation here in upstate NY.
Weather has taken a big toll here. In
particular too much rain at the wrong time along with cool summers ( I always
had big doubts about "global warming).
Tomatoes have really suffered between
a blight and cool nights. My own
garden has produced way fewer tomatoes,
beets,beans,etc. The commercial folks
plowed under whole fields. Freezes
have hurt the apples and grapes.Yields
on most main crops have been way down.

Hay is a big issue- farmers couldn't
get enought sequential days to dry
much of the hay. What they do is cut it
then allow it to dry for a few days.
If it doesn't dry it will rot or get
moldy when baled and stored.
Therefore, many have had to buy hay.

Another problem is that many have turned to growing corn for fuel--taking
it away from the food chain of livestock and humans.

Insects decimate plants, trees in particular. 3 years ago there were huge
areas denuded of leaves in summer. It
was some sight- whole mountains bare
as if it was winter. Miles and miles,
thousands of acres. That affects maple syrup (pretty big industry here) along
with future timber products--not to
mention all the critters who lost a
food supply and shelter.

My take is that similar scenarios exist
all over the world. I feel that the world will experience extreme food
shortages--even here.

And,I am not at all surprised that news
of it is/was suppressed.That's standard
procedure now,isn't it?

what good will $ be of any kind?

when people can't get food? Better learn your Bible and read about Joseph and Egypt.

2Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Inflation ?

What has changed since 6 months ago ?

When I went to India in august, 1€ was 69 rupees.
Now it is 64 rupees.

There's inflation everywhere I guess, so comparing rupees to euros is maybe not a clever thing to do (especially these days :') )
But maybe there are also other parameters to take into account..

Not surprised.

Not sure if anyone has been paying attention to the fact that Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy, but apparently broke and angry farmers in the country have been blockading the country's highway system out of protest for the last three weeks:

Protest starts at the 1:27 mark:


A European country's highway system shuts down for three weeks and not a peep about this in English language media?!!? I guess they don't want us getting any ideas!!!

Not just that, but Germany has admitted if Greece falls, the

Euro is likely to go with it. Word on the street is that Germany is preparing a contingency plan to resume the Mark if needed.

Portugal and I think Italy are in serious financial straits as well and also threaten to sink the Euro.

With fears of a FRN collapse, a Pound on life support, the Yen poised for hyperinflation any second now, and the trifecta threatening the Euro, this is shaping up to be a race to the bottom. Are they trying to see which nation can collapse first? Is this is multi-pronged experiment in destroying an economy?

The Rupee is apparently not healthy either.

So when can we start using silver and gold again?

Also spain.. And France has

Also spain..
And France has tripled its budget deficit in.. one year !

It would be a good thing for the Euro to die and for countries to get their old currencies back.
At least there would be a tiny bit more competition between european countries and currencies.

So france is doing what our

So france is doing what our country is doing? I thought We were alone with the blatant corruption at break neck speed. I thought Obama was the mack dady of corruption but I guess the french might have him beat.