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Using winter weather for the patriot cause

Usually, when there is severe winter weather in your area, not just coldness, there will be delays/ closings announced on the radio/ tv. Well, use this to your advantage. Some radio/ tv stations will require you to get a closing code, which you have to contact them in advance for, but why not contact them if your event is canceled due to severe weather? Just contact them & ask what their procedures are for reporting a cancellation & when that time comes around, call them up & tell them, we've canceled this meeting, this event. Of course you could notify everybody yourself & of course people will call you to see if its canceled but the point is you could get free publicity & publicity you wouldn't otherwise get cause you will get publicity which you wouldn't ordinarily get.

Where the tv/ radio wouldn't dare announce that you ordinarily exist, they will just consider it a closing & move on. Don't make a big deal of it, just ask them how to report a cancellation & take it from there. If they require letterhead, ask them what to do if you don't have any & would an auto-sign suffice? Don't be hesitant to give them contact info., they might ask for it.

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