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Foreign Handouts: More Harm Than Good

Foreign Handouts: More Harm Than Good
by William P. Hoar

Item: Writing in his blog for the New York Times on January 6, Nicolas Kristof discussed Clinton’s remarks: “She talked about partnerships with local countries, and consulting them rather than dictating to them.”

Item: Hillary Clinton, reported New York’s Daily News on January 6, “made the pitch today to boost foreign aid as vital to national security, but warned that it’s a tough sell with the American people in hard times. It’s even tough getting the message across to some of her ambassadors, Clinton said in a major speech on ‘Development in the 21st Century’ at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.” But she added, “We cannot stop terrorism or defeat the ideologies of violent extremism when hundreds of millions of young people see a future with no jobs, no hope and no way ever to catch up to the developed world.”

Correction: Literally trillions of tax dollars have been spent on foreign aid, and there is now greater poverty and corruption in Third World countries than when aid was begun.

Would it be an admirable idea to keep doing even more of the same? Would it be smart to allow the corrupt government recipients of such funds to have additional control over how this so-called aid should be spent? When hard-working Americans are forced to pay for ill-run, fraudulent schemes overseas that cause more harm than good, would this be a grand example of “partnership not patronage,” in the words of Hillary Clinton? Advocates of more foreign aid answer “yes” to these questions.

As put by the late Peter Lord Bauer, perhaps the world’s preeminent development economist, foreign aid is “a process by which the poor in rich countries subsidize the rich in poor countries.”

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