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Voting Fraud-What can we do??

Why do we allow these actions to persist without anybody taking responsibility for it??? We are given proof and are told from the creator's of the voting machines themselves, that this is all a fraud. It is easier than one can imagine to rig an election. What can We The People do about it? Can we take the system by storm? Is it that complex that we can not be human and count the votes one by one? Is there a law that confirms this method of voting?? Let's get to the bottom of this folks. Without tackling this issue, we will never be able to get Ron Paul into office. Diebold is owned by US Bancorp (Federal Reserve Member bank). US Bancorp also owns US Bank, and has recently purchased dozens of failed small US banks.

Check it out the voting fraud for yourselves...

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Probably, the most suitable answer would have to be......

Do Not Engage in Election Fraud! Oh, you're talking about the fraudulent few (the Illuminati consist of about 10,000 individuals -- give or take a few hundred -- in total) behind the election fraud. Now that's an entirely different matter altogether. Though I strongly agree with your premise involving election fraud, the individuals behind these criminal activities are the wealthiest and most powerful individuals and families on the planet and have been planning their "agenda" (as it continues to unfold) for a very, very, very long time. This time frame differs among various researchers. Can they be defeated? Absolutely, however, it will be very difficult to say the least.

Someone mentioned

100% exit poll in my meetup in 2008. Never knew what he meant by it, so I came up with my own version back then. It is some kind of a plan. No one else seems to have one. So:

We need a 100% Exit Poll
It needs to be done along side the official voting by say the Libertarian party, or one of the other independent parties. Here is how.
What is 100% exit poll??
Every precinct covered by at least two people while it is open.
Table set up with a SIGN that says, "Verify the Vote."
A simple tally is done totally independently of the GOP in the room
and the vote count.
Each voter passes by and tells who he voted for and the next
number in line is written under that candidate. No names
taken. If voter will not tell who he voted for, he goes under the
undisclosed column.
At the end, all the totals are added together (8 totals) and an
instant tally of how many people voted is immediately known
and an excellent indication of who won is immediately known.
All Precincts are gathered at a central number for a total state
count. A list of precinct totals are published so that precincts
can double check for accuracy and their job is not done until
they do that.
Independent audit totals are compared with GOP totals on the spot
and if there are discrepancies, immediately an object is issued.
Very simple. Very independent. Should be no problem for the official powers in the room.
Most people would participate because their names are not taken, they get an instant tally told to them of who is ahead and how many voted for their candidate. Everyone wants a true, realistic count. It matters more than who wins to most people.

100% agree

This is the biggest hurdle that needs to be jumped FIRST.

There is some site, blackboxvoting, I think, not sure, that has been going for years and it has been suggested that they are a smoke screen making it look like someone is doing something and in fact, they are not. Certainly they have succeeded in doing nothing, whether they are legit or not.

I thought we were going to do something in 2008 by having our meetups be at each polling place and count the votes, but we didn't.

It will definitely take more than 2 of us, and I think we are the whole army on this issue. :)

I think you are onto

I think you are onto something ShineTheLight... Maybe we should really make this an issue to those that follow Ron Paul so we can have a fair chance in our up and coming elections. If enough of our followers can wise up to this, we can really make a difference. Without a fair vote, what are we fighting for? We are the people that must vote for what we believe in and our vote doess't even matter. Why don't people take note to this and stand up? Well, I know why, people would rather turn their back and hope for the best....

Ron Paul 2012