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Religion Could Survive Discovery of ET, Survey Suggests

Could religion survive the discovery of ETs? Or would their beliefs be so shaken that they would eventually collapse?
A survey discussed on Tuesday at a meeting on the search for alien life at the Royal Society in London suggests religion would survive.
The survey, designed by Ted Peters, a professor of Systematic Theology at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, asked 1300 people whether they thought the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence would shake their individual belief, the strength of their religion as a whole or would adversely affect the beliefs of other religions. The survey included both religious and non-religious people, and most respondents were based in the US.
None of the 70 Buddhists questioned thought that the discovery of ET would undercut their belief systems, although 40 per cent thought it could pose problems for other religions.
More Roman Catholics believed ET could pose a problem for their faith...