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Veri-chip is *not* dead! They have a new name , and an old agenda: to *Manditorily* chip everyone!

It started with the chipping of Alzheimer's patients. (for their own safety, of course.) But, inspite of public outcry, they will go ahead with their plans! How? First of all, they have a new public relations firm. With Washington ties, no less, to the Clinton Administration, they even have a manditory Washington office.

Second, they have Big Blue as their big backer, financially. This is not the first time IBM has been involved in potential or actual tyranny, either. "Big Blue" was responsible for leasing to the Hitler regime their Hollerith Machine Punch Card System. I will let you connect the dots and figure out for yourself what this was used for. For more on this :

www.opednews.com search for Verichip and Greg Nikolettos, the direct link is not working in my test for some reason.

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Thanks for the update . Important info. I just saw today International hearings begin on false pandemic.

"Many countries have begun offloading huge stockpiles of unused vaccines and canceling outstanding orders. The latest to do so is Greece, where the government had announced that it would make H1N1 vaccination mandatory"


"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain