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How to fix the healthcare problem in 7 minutes

Peter Schiff, while talking to republican primary voters has given the best analysis of the healthcare crisis that i've ever heard. He explains how the healthcare problem came about and how to fix it in just 7 minutes. Watch and Learn.

- Peter Schiff: How to fix the healthcare problem
- Watch his entire speech

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WHO Busted !!

Pharmgate !!

The outgoing Chair of the Council of Europe’s Sub-committee on Health, Wolfgang Wodarg, said that his panel’s investigation into the 2009 swine flu outbreak has found that the pandemic was a fake hoax manufactured by pharmaceutical companies in league with the WHO to make vast profits while endangering public health.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a 47 nation body encompassing democratically elected members of parliament, began hearings last month to investigate whether the H1N1 swine flu pandemic was falsified or exaggerated in an attempt to profit from vaccine sales.

Wodarg said that governments were “threatened” by special interest groups within the pharmaceutical industry as well as the WHO to buy the vaccines and inject their populations without any reasonable scientific reason for doing so.