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Allison Bricker - Is Sarah Palin's Endorsement Good for the Liberty Movement?

My latest editorial for the Daily Paul Community's review.

...Recent polling was already showing Rand widening the gap substantially between himself and Grayson2 as well as beating every possible Democratic contender in the General Election prior to Sarah the Rogue’s verbal thumbs-up, so it appears to this blogger at least, as more of a calculated political move by the former Governor, than a huge plus for Candidate Paul.


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its might give Rand a bump in

its might give Rand a bump in the primary but not in the general election.

Ventura 2012

I hadn't even thought of that aspect..

That's a very good point. This will not bode well in the general election. Dems hate Palin.

That's a great point imo

As you point out Rand was leading in the polls prior to getting the endorsement. And imo he most likely would have won easily without out.

So, getting the endorsement doesn't really benefit him in respect to winning the race. However, it helps the neo-con Palin as she tries to wedge herself into the heart of this Tea Party movement.