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2/4/10 DOW close 10,002.18 down -268.37 -2.61%

Previous Close 10,270.55 Volume 304.25 Mil
Open 10,273.12 52 Week High 10,729.89
Day's High 10,273.12 52 Week Low 6,469.95
Day's Low 9,998.03

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Silver got hit hard too. I

Silver got hit hard too. I just put my order in for more yesterday at $16.40, looks like I should have waited.

Dollar index almost 80 again, hasn't been this high since last July. Looks like its going to be a crazy week, can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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Metals hit hard too, but everything is in great flux at the...


Tomorrow, the jobs numbers (or lack of them) will be released, so there could be another bloodbath in store.

People are flocking to obtain dollars, but the dollar is no better than any other currency, except it is the reserve currency, i.e. the appearance of stability.

Bank failures for the week will also be posted tomorrow, after hours.

People may want to obtain precious metals, with the price being driven down at present....a good buying opportunity.

The real explosion.

Mid-April is going to determine where we're going to be the next few years.

Can you hear the clock ticking?

Or is that a bomb...


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