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Ron Paul -- The Modern Cincinnatus

... It is said that the Founders modeled their "citizen statesman" after the example of Cincinnatus of Rome. In the early days of the Roman Republic around 450 BC, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was a private farmer who left his plough to lead his countrymen in battle against enemy invaders, then returned to his pastoral life, only to be called again later to lead the Republic as Consul in a time of political crisis. Cincinnatus has, thus, been handed down over the centuries as a prime example of the citizen statesman who does not seek office and political power as a lifetime career, but gives service to his country by his leadership when called. ...

An article from Nelson Hultberg (Jul 21, 2003) dated but excellent:

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OT: Ron Mentioned on

Every citizen who gives a s*** should read this.

"Nation Building", "Pre-Emptive Warfare" and "World Policing", these are the terms being talked about by concerned people. This is more than just talk however, these ARE the REALITIES of TODAY.

Where do such activities ultimately end up taking us? I believe, into the sorriest chapters of history. There have been numerous examples in history of similar misadventures.

Do we NOT learn ANYTHING from the MISTAKES of our past? It seems we do NOT and instead make bigger and bigger mistakes.

Under the current foreign policy, which has got US involved in "Nation Building", "Pre-Emptive Warfare" and "World Policing" the US often makes the people of the world pay a HEAVY PRICE.

Consider the Iraqi war because it is one of the current events taking place due to this policy. As a direct result of this war 600,000 men, women and children are DEAD.

Now if the people that put us in this situation are willing to take such risks, and continue along the path of death and destruction, What else are they capable of doing in the future? What else have they done already?

These are NOT trivial questions and the answers to these questions are SHOCKING.

I believe that Ron Paul opposes foreign interventionism.

He would never have supported an invasion in Iraq. That means those 600,000 human beings exterminated by the Iraqi war would be ALIVE today.

At the same time, I believe Ron Paul is NOT an isolationist, I think he is happy to TRADE and hold DIALOGUE with other countries. I believe he just doesn't want to meddle in their internal politics.

Now WHY is THAT such a bad thing? Seems like a stance founded along the principle of RESPECT for national sovereignty and full of COMMON SENSE.

US money is being created out of thin air and is steadily losing its value. The INFLATION tax.

It seems that whenever the congress needs money, it just gets printed, no questions asked. In recent years have there been any serious attempts to balance the budget? What about a budgetary surplus? I doubt it.

I believe that Ron Paul opposes such irresponsible spending.

I now come to the most important issue, the US CONSTITUTION.


Several amendments are barely enforced and/or disregarded in certain situations. You are not supposed to pick and choose with the constitution. It is supposed to be enforced in full and always.

If people wait too long and don't take notice the ENTIRE document MAY turn to ASHES.

I believe that Ron Paul wants to renew the power of the constitution.The US Constitution is the ONLY thing that is supposed to stop the government turning against the people.

Consider this: If you lack enforcement of the constitution, you are putting yourself at risk of becoming SLAVES to the government, BECAUSE WITHOUT the CHAINS of the CONSTITUTION the GOVERNMENT GAINS unbridled POWER to make any law it sees fit.

Without the protections of the constitution any of the following scenarios are possible:

Arbitrary and/or secret investigation/arrest/conviction/punishment of individuals where the investigation/arrest/conviction components are entirely optional.

Government Officials uttering Freedom of what???! What kind of rights did you say??! Papers please.

Homes secretly visited or records secretly viewed or the suppression of freedom of speech.

Patriot Act is an example of legislation that has provisions that contradict what is written in the constitution.

I believe Ron Paul would put up A STOP SIGN in front of those that wish to erode the protections of the constitution AND those that wish to continue engaging in misguided and unconstitutional adventures such as Nation Building, Pre-Emptive Warfare and World Policing.

I hope that he would also consider REVERSING all the current laws that do not play nice with the US CONSTITUTION.

Ron Paul is not simply the founding father of the 21st century, he is a HERO in the truest sense of the word, make no mistake about it.

If there was ever a time in US history that people had cause to unite behind a man, that time is NOW and that man is RON PAUL.

Last Chance America - Vote RON PAUL for PRESIDENT.

Go Ron Paul.

Go Ron Paul.


Can you post your reference for the 600,000 casualties that you mention. I've seen some high numbers before but this sure is a very high estimate.

The Link

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Center for International Studies: