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Quick Question about Judge Napolitano

Is Judge Napolitano on Fox News?

I mean I see fox news logo but then people say Call fox and get him his own show.

And I get confused.... doesn't he have his own show?

What time does his show come on and how many viewers does he have?

But mostly... does he have his own show on Fox or not?

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But that high quality video only off an internet news feed?

Reminds of his interview with what's his name Stolo from ABC News. He got Ron Paul during the presidential debates on ABC with Stolo or however u spell his name but it ended up being only available to the internet. It's answer was oh most ron paul fans are internet people anyhow, so this is for them.

Is this just a strategic attempt for more fox news traffic while not educating the masses?

Seems like that's what it is, and if it is that he shouldn't go on the show anymroe.

JB, when people say they want him to get his own show...

they mean on the TV. The one he has on the internet doesn't really count.

He has his own internet video show on Fox News internet site.

On Fox News television, he comes on to be interviewed often to get his opinions on Constitutional issues. And he often substitutes for Glenn Beck when the latter is out. But, no show of his own on TV yet.

He's on Brian and the Judge

Radio show


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