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Republic Versus Democracy - Ron Paul Speech in U.S. Congress

A very important basic concept which is not correctly taught in government controlled schools.


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Thank you for the information


If I may add:

I think that it is important for people to see how things are intended to work when Income Tax and Legal Money Monopoly are no longer enforced.

Ron Paul keeps hammering out the fact that people must understand The Business Cycle and that is where those two actions work the best for everyone on the wrong end of The Business Cycle.

Just look at your Federal Income Tax, whoever you are, and know that you are forced to pay that amount in Dollars that are produced by one supplier who has the only license to produce those dollars.

You have to get dollars from the one supplier to maintain your life, indirectly, but those dollars come from that source, and you have to give roughly half of your earnings to the people who then use your power, taken from you, denominated in dollars, to enforce that Income Tax Debt upon you, and to enforce that one legal money monopoly on you.

Taking away that Federal Income Tax is ONE PUNCH.

You can see that immediately. You no longer pay Income Tax to the people who enforce Income Tax, and you no longer pay Income Tax to the people who enforce one legal money monopoly.

What you don't see, yet, is how you also avoid paying the "inflation tax", now that you can choose a money that isn't the monopoly money. That may take awhile to realize, longer for some, but for others the realization will be immediate.


This is where the knock out becomes very interesting because you have to begin realizing a few things:

You have more power every Pay Check because you no longer pay Income Tax.

Inflation reverses immediately, some catch on sooner, others lag behind the curve.

There is no more validity supporting the often repeated claims of Economic Crisis Looming on the near Horizon since The Business Cycle is no longer being forced down at the bottom. Again some realize this sooner, others realize this later. Those who depended upon subsidy, for example, may yet be held down at the bottom of The Business Cycle, but that would be their own fault. Others are in a position to create their own Boom since they pay no Federal Income Tax, which may be, on a rough average, half their earnings.

State Governments are redirecting their focus of attention away from National Interests and they begin experimenting in ways of taxing The People so as to increase their revenue, so as to pay their tax burden to the National Government, and to pay their own expenses. Some States may experiment with their own State Banks, and this begins to manifest itself as choices offered to The People in any State. Some Banks will thrive, attract more market share, while others become obviously inferior to all but a few who are left holding an empty bag, as will be the case with anyone who has invested in The Federal Reserve System of Extortion.

Choices are also supplied from non-State banks in direct competition with State Banks, even foreign banks, and whose to complain, since there is no Federal Income Tax, no IRS, and therefore no claims being made by any Federal Agents seeking to collect those taxes from people who now choose to save their earnings offshore?

It may take longer for people to realize the benefits of having market forces working on the producers of legal money, where that force forces producers to increase the quality of legal money, while that force also forces the cost of legal money down, that may take awhile, but most working people will see an immediate bounty when their pay checks no longer include that Federal Income Tax Deduction.

Ron Paul is going for the throat of the beast, and the heart at the same time?


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Good thinking


The Legacy of Ron Paul

Thomas Jefferson of our day cries out.
The only voice in your generation capable of it, permanently marks the government record.


We do still have a chance to listen, share, and do something about it.

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That is monumental. A Classic is born.

Breathtaking in scope and clarity. This speech must be distributed in every media, every language. This is a major turning point in the fight for liberty.

We have the ultimate text, right in this speech, to answer all objections. I am guessing this may be a glimpse of the next book Dr. Paul is writing; he has given us so many gifts, and this is one of the best of our time.

Please if you know how to "capture" video, preserve this in case the web site ever takes it down.


And pass it on.... Excellent videos that all Americans should see.


need this as a youtube clip ASAP!

A Youtube would be good edited with images and the text.

That way you could read the speech while watching it and have related images to keep it more interesting.

I enjoyed being able to read the transcript while listening to the video on CSPAN.

On Youtube, it would be good to post on an account that does not have the annoying 10 minute restriction.

Hit the nail on the head.....

"Those who constantly preach global government and democracy ought to consider the outcome of their philosophy in a hypothetical Mideast regional government. If these people were asked which country in this region possessed weapons of mass destruction, had a policy of oppressive occupation, and constantly defies U.N. council resolutions, the vast majority would overwhelmingly name Israel. Is this ludicrous? No. This is what democracy is all about and what can come from a one man, one vote philosophy."

"Excessive meddling in the internal affairs of other nations, and involving ourselves in every conflict around the globe has not endeared the United States to the oppressed of the world. The Japanese are tired of us, the South Koreans are tired of us, the Europeans are tired of us, the Central Americans are tired of us, the Filipinos are tired of us, and, above all, the Arab Muslims are tired of us. Angry and frustrated by our persistent bullying, and disgusted with having their own government
bought and controlled by the United States, joining a radical Islamic movement was a natural and predictable consequence for Muslims."

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had." - Eric Schmidt


He delivers shot after shot of straight truth.


Hear, O Israel: YHUH our God YHUH one. And thou shalt love YHUH thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.


Dr Ron Paul is an terrific speaker, When he reads something he writes first, he is even more so. If that's possible
Bump for greatness
Bookmark and email link for education.
Must See, long but worth it



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was fantastic! There were soooo many good points in that speech that I'd love to cut/paste, but will limit myself to two:
"(When the democracy fails)...it will be THE CLARITY WITH WHICH WE PLAN ITS REPLACEMENT THAT DETERMINES THE AMOUNT OF PAIN AND SUFFERING ENDURED DURING THE TRANSITION TO ANOTHER SYSTEM. Hopefully, the United States Congress and other government leaders will come to realize the seriousness of our current situation and replace the business-as-usual attitude, regardless of political demands and growing needs of a boisterous majority..."
"...Eventually THE SOLUTION WILL COME WITH THE PASSAGE OF THE LIBERTY AMENDMENT. Once there is serious debate on this amendment, we will know that the American people are considering the restoration of the constitutional republic and a protection of individual liberty..."
May we stay calm, focused and fare well during these difficult times...

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It was great to be able to watch and read at the same time.

Reading and listening at the same time probably helps in learning, and I would encourage anyone sharing this video link to suggest that the speech be read while listening and watching.

From the quotes you posted alone, it's apparent that Ron Paul expected history to repeat itself back in 2003. He might be a little more optimistic that things can be corrected now.


The first step of correcting the problems in America is the foundational step of understanding that we are a republic and not a democracy.

The two of them could even be considered opposites. Democracy is tyranny by the majority. A republic protects individual rights with the law - against democracy and tyranny.

Has anyone told Lindsey Graham that

he's really a Demoncrat! hahahaha, that should go over well!
Jack Cafferty wants to pass along some advice to Palin on what she should do next right now!

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