Check Out Chris Matthews MSNBC At 7pm EST

It'll be a replay of the show from 5pm. Apparently he said something along the lines of him loving Ron Paul and thought that he reminded him of Goldwater. Someone please tape it! Speaking of Goldwater I'll be watching "Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater" tonight. ; ) Unfortunately I'll be working tomorrow, so I won't be seeing the Straw Poll live, but I've subscribed to Daily Paul text messages for the next best thing.

UPDATE: Actually, the video was just uploaded:

If you can't believe your eyes then you can still tune in at 7.

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same thing happened to me..

I came home from work and was amped about the straw poll. Turned on MSNBC and the very first words I heard was "Man, Ron Paul, I love that guy...."
that's crazy! Even my wife who thinks I'm going overboard.. was like man, crazy! That's pretty cool for someone like Mathews to come out and say that.

Flip Floppers and We Who Love Them

Folks, as Congressman Paul gets more popular, a lot of people who were once critical of him will start to support him. Let's not hold it against them or call them on their change of heart. That's the way the world works. We need to embrace it. Chris Matthews went from "Oh God"-ing him to saying he loves him. That's the way it is, I don't hold it against the guy.

However....I wouldn't take this entirely at face value. Matthews has said before that he "loves" Ron Paul and was entirely sarcastic as he said it.

flip flopper?

Wasn't Chris Matthews the one the let out the "Oh, God" in that debate when Ron Paul was talking about the original intent of the Constitution?

I just came home , opened TV

I just came home , opened TV and heard Chris Matthews saying:
" I love the guy, Ron Paul, he is speaking like a true Libertartarian..."
I wonder since he love him , why he didn't invite RP to his show yet?
Do you think we should do something about it?