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Introducing 'The Paulinator'

Introducing 'The Paulinator'

'Oregonians for Ron Paul' are happy to announce the debut of The Paulinator, a weekly e-mail consisting of the very best YouTubes created by supporters of Dr. Paul.

For a sample, CLICK HERE.

Paulinators are designed to inform the general public about Ron Paul's incomparable track record, character, and platform. Therefore, the videos in each Paulinator cover such topics as:

  • The Good Doctor's consistent voting record in Congress as the 'Champion of theConstitution.'
  • Dr. Paul's heroic conduct in opposition to the march to war with Iraq.
  • The reasons his presidential campaign has generated an unprecedented wave of enthusiastic grassroots support.

To subscribe or submit a video suggestion for inclusion in a future Paulinator, go to:


Bee Part of the Solution - Paulinate!
As any 'Paulunteer' can tell you, the Internet is loaded with informative articles, blogs, and videos about the Good Doctor. Yet many people remain unaware of Dr. Paul's message of freedom, hope, and peace. Our goal is to reach those Americans who are just too busy to research the 'Ron Paul Revolution' for themselves, and to do so in a way that is both simple and user friendly.

Each week, subscribers will receive the latest edition of the Paulinator in their Inbox. By design, the Paulinator format is light on text and limited to no more than three videos. This uncluttered approach minimizes the number of steps and the amount of time needed to learn something about Ron Paul - a recipient simply opens the e-mail and clicks a video to play. Easy!

Since Paulinators are intended as an outreach vehicle, we encourage our subscribers to share each edition with friends, family, and other interested parties - thus the tagline, "Please Paulinate and forward these volunteer-created videos to others." You can also help by posting a link to this page on your favorite Ron Paul blog or Web site.

So tell everyone you know - in coming months, we hope to see cyberspace buzzing with Paulinators!

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