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Another famous 'flight to Medina'?

By John A. Tures
Associate Professor of Political Science
LaGrange College

February 10, 2010 —

In 622 A.D., the Islamic prophet Muhammad fled from Mecca to Medina, escaping the wrath of several Arab tribes, an event so significant that it marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Could voter flight to another Medina in Texas shake the American political establishment?

When Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison chose to challenge Texas Gov.Rick Perry, we all assumed it would be an epic GOP primary for the ages. But the resulting slugfest left many Republicans looking for an alternative. And they may have found it in an outsider, Debra Medina.

Many in the media wrote off Medina, the Wharton County GOP Chair who supported Ron Paul. Instead of gubernatorial or Washington DC experience, her resume reads businesswoman, rancher and homeschooler. And early polls had her languishing behind the other two, with three percent to her name last September.
But then the Perry-Hutchison race turned nasty, with a focus on Texas Rangers (the law enforcement branch) and Predator drones. But subsequent polls from Rasmussen Reports showed her at four percent in November, 12% in January, and 16% earlier this year. Now a poll has her with 24%, a mere four points behind Hutchison and closing fast. And at least 10% of those surveyed had yet to make up their minds.

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I'm begining to allow the excitement

to enter my life force. I'm thinking she has overtaken Hutchison and the question now is, will she win without a runoff????

no-property-tax Medina!!

Too Clever

The author didn't need to associate Debra with the murderous campaigns of Muhammad.

Either he is too taken with his pun to let it go or he is trying to be snarky and associate Debra subliminally with Islam. I don't know which.

Since I like Debra, I would never use such a comparison in my writing, no matter how clever I thought it was.

This is not a slam on Muslims. It is an observation of the current political scene and the fact that there is a lot of prejudice against them right now.

Medina is a Spanish and Portuguese surname.

Some hispanic voters will favor a candidate with an hispanic surname and that can't hurt in Texas. In fact, I noted that Debra was named the winner of the latest debate by some 95% or so of poll respondents on Univision's Web site. Univision broadcasts in Spanish.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I Know

But the article referenced in this topic reminds us that Medina is a holy city in Saudi Arabia, and associates her name with Muhammad's career.


I like it.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

nice article

go Deb!

Love it...

made me smile. Thanks.