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Obama Administration Admits It Wrongly Tracked Abortion Groups in Wisconsin

The Department of Homeland Security ought to know better, after the lessons of the MIAC report and its own reports on rightwing extremism. DHS continues to collect information about people who are not violent, not contemplating criminal activity, and are only exercising their First Amendment rights to assemble and protest. I am certain that "Wisconsin's intelligence-gathering information center" is their fusion center, the Wisconsin Statewide Information Center.

From LifeNews.com:

The Department of Homeland Security admitted today that it improperly conducted a threat assessment on pro-life and pro-abortion groups in Wisconsin. The assessment came before an expected rally last year in response to the University of Wisconsin Hospital board decided to allow abortions.

In February 2009, pro-life advocates planned to protest the hospital's decision to open up a new Madison Surgery Center doing abortions.

The Associated Press reported today that the department said in a memo that it "destroyed all of the copies of the assessment after an internal review found it violated intelligence gathering guidelines about 'protest groups which posed no threat to homeland security.'"

AP indicated the assessment was reportedly only shared with the director of Wisconsin's intelligence-sharing center and local police in Middleton, Wisconsin, the site of the rally.

Today, a pro-life organization in Wisconsin informed LifeNews.com of its concerns.

In response to an open records request by the Alliance Defense Fund and Pro-Life Wisconsin, the Middleton Police Department and the Wisconsin Department of Justice, along with the Department of Homeland Security all refused on February 4 to release copies of the threat assessment.

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