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The Internet is IMPOSSIBLE to Control

According to one source (an estimate) if you were to take the data on the internet (all written-typed communications - et al pictures)and put it front and back on single sheets of paper? There would be 12 piles that stretch from the Sun to Pluto -- EACH!

The speed of the growth is exponential:

~ 12,000 pages per second / 1 Billion pages per day !!

and last year, Google has tracked over 1 trillion web pages in their giant database… growing bigger and bigger…

There are only 1.9M Federal Employees -- Even if everyone of them abandoned there jobs and each had computers that were 50 times faster a data transfer that was equally faster they'd (all of them put together) not be able to read even one of those 12 piles that stretched from Sun to Pluto in this life-time.

A "trillion web pages" growing at 1 Billion pages per day????

The "evil they" does not need to "control" all that -- They just need you to stay engaged in the Dichotomy of the MSM and continue to Vote, Lobby, Pay Taxes, Keep assets in Fed Banks, Keep assets on Wall Street, and argue with other disenfranchised citizens.

And that muddling only requires a few Glenn Beck types and some Program Directors.


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there will always be the geeks & hackers who can always devise a new "macronet" or "uninet" or something of the sort. They will always find ways around this...and not be detected.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

"For $59.95 a month you can access up to 200 websites!"

That's what customers will get.
"For $699.00 a month you can reach our level 9 customers"
Is what businesses will get.
And don't think "they" can't pull the plug on the internet.
Plus, those that watch catch keywords from automatic flagging programs that absolutely see every bit of data on the internet. There has never been a better surviellance tool ever. That's probably the main reason the plug will not be pulled by the govt. The main reason the corporations will fight for it is they can control it and relegate most sites to a realm that no one with an affordable connection can access. Take all you can get while you can get it. I really don't expect this current "wild wild west" internet to last much longer.

MikeLawson: You said it!

They wont close the internet for two reasons: the one you said (regarding serveilance control) and for the one that I said (mixing truth, disinfo, porn, and entertainment -- keeps the confusion and in-fighting going 24/7).

You are correct sir!

It will happen, barring an unprecedented massive public outcry.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Yeah but...

Important information has a way of rising to the top of the pile, and then becomes easy to squash.

So--your theory has a big gaping hole the size of Pluto.

rp1: I'm talking about the "chicken little sky is falling"

mentality of "Oh no Obama is going to take my Internets"

Conspiracy Theories - Truths - Facts - Lies

It's easier to control people by allowing the disinfo to mix with the real info.

All that being said -- Saying that "they" will kill the internet or that they even "can," is only true IF you believe that Consumers ARE NOT 3/3rds of their revenue stream; and cutting off your consumers from their internet purchasing, communication, entertainment -- would only effect a powerful focalization on who the enemy really is.

Shutting off the internet would be "almost" as dangerous as forcibly closing all coffee shops tomorrow.

Internet Porn? That alone would cause a teenage and college age rebellion.

Nope -- Keep it going -- Keep mixing Fact with Disinfo, Porn, and Entertainment.