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TomatoBubble.com going viral!

TomatoBubble.com has been feautured in radio ads during the Rush Limbaugh show.

If you need an easy to understand resource for introducing newbies to our nation's corrupt monetary policy, this is it!

The Allegory of The Great Tomato Bubble is about a group of honest tomato farmers who were tricked into a crooked poker game by a Harvard educated dealer.

An entertaining read that is sure to engage and enlighten people who never thought that they could understand economics.

Have a look at this unique site and pass it on....


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Very good:

Perhaps I can share this with some of my idiot friends and family that think I am off my nut and can't grasp, or refuse to face the facts as I have done my very best to lay out for them. This might actually convey to them on a level they can understand.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government