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Tell Jim DeMint to Endorse Rand Paul

Last night DeMint was on a mass conference call w/ thousands of tea party activists and asked which conservative Senatorial candidates he should support. For Kentucky, the choice was, obviously, Paul or Greyson. You can contact his Senate Conservative Fund here: http://senateconservatives.com/v1/index.php?p=contact&c=

Here are the Senate seats that are up in 2010. Please contact us and let us know which candidates you believe are true conservatives and deserve our support. SCF only endorses the most rock-solid, conservative Senate candidates nationwide. These candidates must also have the ability to win. SCF has endorsed four candidates for the 2010 election cycle: Pat Toomey (PA), Marco Rubio (FL), Chuck DeVore (CA), and Michael Williams (TX).

Senator Jim Bunning (R) is retiring. There are several Democrats running for the seat, including Dan Mongiardo (D) and Jack Conway (D). There are also several Republicans running, including Trey Grayson (R) and Rand Paul (R). The Republican primary is May 18, 2010.

See the rest of the list here: http://senateconservatives.com/v1/index.php?p=races&c=

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I'm surprised he hasn't already made his choice.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


I have sent SCF several messages asking them to endorse Rand Paul. We must keep doing so until they do. I think that one reason that they haven't endorsed him is because they might be afraid of a backlash from the Establishment if they do.