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Need help defending the rEVOLution

A lot of you may think I'm nuts, but I could really use some help on the GOP.com forums. I know that website is behind enemy lines but I think it is a great way to try to convert neo-cons to non-interventionist...I'v been doing my best by posting Dr. Paul's weekly Texas Straight Talk but my knowledge on economics is limited at best, I've just started my re-education.

GOP.com doesn't get a lot of traffic and the censorship is pretty bad but I still think we need to get our platform all over the website so visitors can see that not all conservatives are war mongering intellectual infants. I'd love to not be the only one there.

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I'll check this one out later

I'll check this one out later when I have a bit more time and might join you on the GOP.com site... For now, here's a bump for ya.



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thanks guys and gals

i can't do alone...there are so many here at DP that will smack down the ron paul haters much better than I ever could

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I am not great with

economics either, but here is a bump for others who maybe.

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