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Beck Attacks Tea Party Mom Candidate

This is exactly what happened no matter hard or soft ball. His questions were totally inappropriate what does that have to do with anything. He definitely wants Perry to win and will spin the facts like he always does. Debra Medina handled herself well despite his moronic questioning. Beck is a teocon, its as simple as that...he wants ratings. He will use and abuse whoever, whatever to be popular with anything. Glenn Beck is not genuine...I realized that today.

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how do *we* contact Glenn Beck?

I don't have television. I rely on the internet for my 'news'--

so how do I contact this cursed individual?


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


Hi GiGi... I'm sure your next thought was... "How well have I vetted OUT the teaocons from my site".... good luck with that (sigh).

What do you mean?

I just think you have a great idea and used it here...did I do something wrong? I don't even have a site.
PS I think Jefferson called it like he saw it too...was that bad?


my mistake...

there is a GiGi on DP that created a list of "liberty" candidates ... very well done.... I thought you were her!
Sorry my mistake! Cheers,G.