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Schiff's campaign team linked to GOP establishment

Do you guys think this is good or bad news?


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not sure what to make ....

but, I believe Medina has Laffer as an economics adviosr who is from the Reagan admin...? corect me if wrong.

Were seeing a lot of, what looks like "selling out", but, political strategy is happening. Hopefully, the strat is to build a solid foundation on the basics of C4L's first four principles while laying law on the non-interventionist principle to build a base and then slowly bring the this material into play. Thats what I got out of Tates speech at the DC12 march. He mentioned the first four but not the fifth.

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A lot of people missed this video

in which the concern about Peter's supposed NeoCon softness was shown to be false. He is not as evolved as Ron Paul, but he's shown himself a good student.

How do we know Schiff's ideas

How do we know Schiff's ideas of liberty are not influencing these people to change? We can only hope this is the case. We should not make negative judgments so fast.

seeing what's her name on

seeing what's her name on "morning joe", oh ya zbrina bignewski (big-new-ski, type of nose I think), lavishing schiff with praise for his casandra-like powers regarding the "mortgage bubble", etc. (back when I used to watch tv, and even would see that show at 3AM pacific live periodically) was enough for me to be extremely cautious/cynical about schiff's modus operandi. methinks UCONN won't elect him anyway, the point is moot.

it's disturbing--

I became 'cautious' about Schiff when he said he might have approved troops in the middle east--

I admire people who are economics-savvy, but when I'm in my garden I am more worried about peace than about money--


I was concerned about Rand Paul for the same reasons, but Carol reassured me on that one--

These 'big guys' are too big for me--

political designer types--

too expensive for MY tastes--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

First Rule in a Gunfight

The first rule in a gunfight - Bring a gun.

It gives me confidence that he is hiring talent. I know where Schiff Stands - his cronies do not bother me.

He should hire Karl Rove and pay off Diebld as far as I am concerned. They have set the rules - we are just playing by them.

I feel like your post - that is why I could never do that job - I couldnt stand 5 minutes in the same room as those weasels. Ron, Rand, Schiff have to put up with those people everyday - That is why I cut them lots of slack.

Bush, McCain, & Romney

guys running his campaign now. Seems fishy.

Will Schiff

water down his message or change neocon minds with these former Bush, McCain, & Romney advisors?


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