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Glenn Beck Exposed on The View

Here is Glenn Beck being exposed on The View.


This guy has so much trouble with the truth that he can't even be honest about a trivial matter. He has ZERO credibility on all issues. I used to think maybe he was seeking truth. Now today he finally opened his mouth and removed all doubt about who he is: a lying tool of Rupert Murdoch and the internationalist conspiracy.

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... a bit of his own medicine...

Plano TX

I agree


"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

We all know Glen Beck is

We all know Glen Beck is two-faced and capable of lying. My concern is that the women on the View are going to link Glen Beck as representing the Tea Partiers and therefore attack and accuse as they do all dissenters.
What is going on here??

option #1 The View- Walters and Goldberg (Obama supporters) are going to discredit TeaPartiers, Truthers, Ron Paul et al by Beck's false alignment to them or

option#2, Glen Beck is going to destroy the Tea Partiers et al by blatantly being caught "lying" as one of them.

We've just seen and heard his repartée with Debra Medina and his off cuff post comments. This guy has no barometer for ethics.