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Don't blame Beck, or Medina, blame yourself

If it was known that the supporters of liberty understood that liberty flows from Truth, and that the people who were mobilizing politically were lovers of TRUTH, we would not be having this discussion. We would be cease to continue being ensnared by this mother of all lies in our lifetimes.
Libertybelle, legalize liberty, a handful others are excused form this scolding. To clarify, if you thought the interview was great, you are excused. I had no problem with what she said, can't believe it is making a stink here.
When will the wakeful come to understand that liberty will remain a hostage until we make TRUTH and PEACE our ends, and politics our means? Maybe today? Anyone get it today?
Dr. Paul is backed into a corner on Truth. What corner, why, how, I don't know. You know it as well as I. It is up to us to go beyond where he has been captured. Those of you afraid to stand and demand answers are cowards, or worse.

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I haven't heard the

I haven't heard the interview.
But I wonder what 911 has to do with being gouvernor of Texas?
Perry tried to get her in the debate with her opinion on drugs.
They are pulling all those cards, I hope the Texas voters are smart enough.

What are you talking about?

This is too obscure for me.

What are you blaming us for now?

it's a problem because it's

it's a problem because it's things like this that could be picked up/noticed and made into a bigger deal, and thus could hurt her chances.

Politics/elections generally do not follow logic, the truth, more or less principles of any kind... anyone who wants to risk/sacrifice any chance of ever getting anyone elected with our values over the cause of 9/11 is dooming our chances.

In the words of the late JD Salinger

Mr. Beck is the prototype definition of a PHONY.

This is only a big deal if we don't stand up and put to rest the bullshit with actual sense and reasonableness.

NOTHING Medina said was unreasonable or even controversial.

Only anti-rational individuals (like Beck) would have a problem with it, and those people need to, and will, stand down.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

"I looked into the mirror and blanched at what I saw"

It's not called 9/11 Truth. It called the "Rule of Law"
Something that is missing from most political processes in the United States these days. Something that Debra Medina understands all too well. She had the "BALLS" to do something about it, that remedy has been effective, now she's catching the fire, which means she's on target. Vote Debra Medina for Governor of Texas.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

I don't see anything wrong with the interview

other than Beck being a clear pusher of a wedge intended to shave off support for Medina through blatant use of visceral issues.

ALL of Medina's responses were extremely rational and reasonable.

Beck is the one further exposing himself.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

then you are also excused

The scolding really only applies to those who had a problem with it, you know?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Well said.

Well said.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels