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Trouble posting?

Just about every time I post or reply to a post my reply goes blank and I have to type it in again.. or if I remember, copy it and paste it back in until it sticks. Others mentioned this too... is there a bug in the system.

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still happenin'!

3 times for this reply.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Maybe we need a DP money bomb to pay for improved perf.


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we have huge traffic

and even the traffic counter at DP goes crazy and shows badly wrong low numbers.LOL

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I think we're BUSY!!!

Not many people online, though.

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It's not just posting.

Even just clicking a thread or refreshing I've gotten a few blank screens here and there. I also got the Drupal 'site down' screen a few minutes ago.

With comments

and threads both, today I am frequently getting a blank page. I then have to use my browser to come back to DP.

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I don't know but

here is a bump so someone can check into this.

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