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Question Beck?????????

Here is Beck's email



Beck needs to know just who are the 9/11 Truthers? He is clearly misinformed as he always uses radical marxist Van Jones as his poster-boy truther and lumps the truthers in this box with Jones's ilk. Sad logic indeed.

Here's what we need to teach Beck. Beck needs to know that the truthers are just regular joes and janes that give a shit about their country and will NOT make like counch potatoes and do nothing when they see something is very wrong.

The truthers demand the truth and they will ask reasonable questions in unreasonable times.

Truthers will QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS; find evidence; QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS AGAIN! And then, they will DEMAND ANSWERS!!!

I will defend the truthers always and Americans everywhere should thank them for their efforts doing the dirty work that most people--Beck included-- don't
have the balls to do.

Yours in freedom