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Ok. Does anyone really believe the Medina assault today wasn't planned?

How often does a guest on GB garner so much attention? Not very. I'd wager never. But suddenly today Debra Medina saying she doesn't have all the facts--the same thing the 9-11 Commission says--is a big story in hundreds of mainstream news sources? Come on. As if hundreds of mainstream reporters were pinned to their radios on a thursday afternoon when probably 85-90% of them are off work because of the snow anyway. I'm betting these stories were written last week in Langley, VA.
The liberals got their hit with "she's a racist" and now the conseratives are getting theirs with "she's a truther". This was not a spontaneous event. Instead it was probably the best orchestrated smear I have seen in years.

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I dont know?

People can usally get out articles pretty quickly these days.With the internet and all


Jesus Christ why didn't she just say to Beck "I am focused on this campaign and have no comment on that issue" end of story ... WAKE UP DEBRA!

Hey toilethead

You don't seem to care about the obvious victory that Debra Medina is pulling out of Becks' defeat in the court of public opinion.

That you find this frustrating enough to blaspheme the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by attaching Him to your pathetic rant against her, tells me all I need to know about where your "head" is at.

It is not a source to drink from, but rather one to flush.


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She has said...

...that she could not hear the radio and thought she was answering a different question because of Beck's support of questioning the government and his involvement in the 912 project. She indicated that in the future such interviews would be in studio so that they cannot manipulate how she sounds to people. Yes, I agree it was a well orchestrated set-up, which is supported by the fact that Perry had well organized robocalls going less than an hour after she was on.

She did

He kept needling her. Wait and see. Her donations certainly went up. She is now known in New Mexico and no telling where else. Who cares if Perry and Hutchison come out against her. THat s to be expected. Everyone who hears it, knows immediately that he was heading for that question as fast as he could and the other questions were simply formalities to get him there. He thinks he is so clever and no one likes a smarta**. She was genuine and said she had no opinion and he said, "I take that as a yes."
But, wow, so it changed your favorable opinion of her? Wow. OK. YOU are ONE.

Of course,

I hate to tell you, but probably 90% of the people here know that. The delightful thing is that hopefully it is backfiring. It certainly should. Because it is soooooo obvious that it was a set up and an ambush, it is more likely to backfire. The Fort Worth 912 President coming to her side is awesome.


The 90% here doesn't make a damn bit of difference, it's the 100% OUT THERE IN TEXAS that listen to the mainstream media that matters ... the damage has been done.

There is a Plan

The Plan is Palin/Perry ticket in 2012 Medina sacred the shit out of them.

Just like

Ron Paul was scaring it out of them and still is.

I sent an email to the Sh!tbird

shortly after the interview. I knew they wouldn't read any text of the message so I kept it short and sweet in the title.

Re: Nice hit job on Debra Medina, Jackass
From: Glenn (GlennBeck@spamarrest.com)
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk
Sent: Thu 2/11/10 10:40 AM
To: **********@hotmail.com

Thanks so much for the email. Due to the volume of mail this may be the only response you see. While I do not always see it in a timely fashion I do try to read all of my mail. However, I average over 4000 letters a day and there is no way I can respond to most letters. I am glad you are watching/listening and even though you may not see a response, I want you to know that I am listening as well.

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I love it, Idaho!!

I love it, Idaho!!


I have tried to believe that

I have tried to believe that Glenn Beck was a patriot who just needed a little more time and education. The interview with Debra Medina changed my mind forever. I knew from the first minute of the interview, by the tone of his voice and his "uninterested" demeanor, that he wasn't trying to help her. He was rude to her from the start. I was so angry as the interview progressed, because it was finally evident to me that he doesn't really care about the freedom that he preaches so much about. He was obviously trying to destroy her credibility- but why? What a disappointment. I must say though, that I was not disappointed in her answers- she did a fantastic job, and has nothing to be ashamed about! I keep saying, if she becomes governor of Texas, I am moving there! What a great place this site is, where we can learn about all the liberty candidates! I come here almost every day, and have been on board with Ron Paul since before the primaries even started. I rarely leave comments though- but I just had to this time...

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I knew he would play his hand at election time, I just didn't think it would be THIS election.

same here, I thought he would

same here, I thought he would wait till 2012.

Ventura 2012

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You are right, shelliek, the

You are right, shelliek, the Beckzoid was rude to her right from the start. He actually hates her and is very afraid of her and anyone like her. He has done us all a favor, because now people see him clearly, like you do. He can't game us anymore - it's over.


What do ya mean?

He said he didn't know anything about her!! Ya, right.

about those alleged rumors

Although I'm not a Texan, I've been following Medina's campaign and keeping track of her since her problems with the sleazy tactics of her local GOP during the presidential primaries. In all this time I have never heard any rumors such as beck claimed yesterday. Has anyone els? I think beck completely fabricated the claim in order to create a rumor that previously had not existed. Is it possible to check out the occurrence of claims associating Medina with such rumors on the internet PRIOR to Beck's accusations? (No doubt there are thousands now)


I agree

I don't think he had even one email that said that.

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I'm sure you're right

I'm sure you're right valley6, he fabricated the claim in order to create a rumor. A common Cointelpro (counter intelligence program) tactic.



faux millionaire, fox doos...h

I don't think an "assault" was planned.

I think the question was planned, of course. It didn't have to turn into what you cal an "assault." Dr. Paul was asked the same questions by Glenn Beck, when rumors were circulating that he was a Truther, and Dr. Paul's response made it clear believed 9/11 was NOT an inside job. This allowed him to clear his name from the rumors that he was a Truther. This benefitted his campaign. Medina answered in such a way that did NOT clear the rumors that she was a Truther but only fueled the rumors. If she would answered another way, it would have helped her campaign. Glenn Beck does not want to be seeming to show support or admiration for someone that's a Truther. So he had to try to make sure she wasn't a Truther. Just like he did with Dr. Paul. Get over it.

It hardly qualifies an "orchestrated smear."

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robotic phone polls by her political opponents playing audio

of the interview within minutes of its conclusion is quite the coincidence, then.

Now, I'm not saying it was an assault, I'm just saying one of her opponents got someone to make double-agent claims to provide fodder for an interview in which the interviewer chose to cut his own audio line to her so she wouldn't hear his questions!

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Someone asked earlier here

if YOU might be Glenn Beck. hahaha Now I see why they asked it. How does it feel to be neutered?

Beck was calling her Truther

Beck was calling her Truther a nanosecond (thermite-hehe) after the intervuiew was abruptly ended. And the goons in his studio were all laughing and ranting, so it was obvious this was a setup. Beck is a traitor.

By Friday (hopefully) I am going to have 5000 "Glenn Beck is an Inside Job" bumper stickers printed up

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It was obviously a smear

It was obviously a smear because Beck contorted it and blew it out of proportion for 45 minutes on his radio show.

Ventura 2012


But not evidence that he planned a smear. What if she answered differently? There would be nothing to smear.

She DIDN'T answer the way HE said

she did. Typical NWO, he lied.

he could have done most of

he could have done most of his smear without that. Most of his smear was saying she was simply not impressive.

Ventura 2012

Find one other interview that GB has done where 200 articles

Appear with a few hours. That alone is what makes this so obvious.

"Clear his name"?

So now you think that somebody needs to "clear their name" of being for truth?

You really take the cake for idiocy.
I think you should change your new troll name to "Neocon", which would suit you much better.