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Unbelievable...People From All Over The World !

are calling the newspaper and ordering copies. The man I just talked to from the paper said he couldn't believe it. He said he just got a call from Iraq that was heartbreaking...lots of military people calling...people from countries he's never talked to....people from everywhere. I think the guy is a Ron Paul fan now. He LOVES the way the ad looks too. Said he was amazed when he got a call saying we are trying to raise the money...and we did...and now all this.

That newspaper hasn't seen so much excitement in a long time. He said the whole town is excited.

Folks...no matter how the Straw Poll turns out vote-wise, this is a HUGE
success. The ad...the response already to the ad...the response to Ron Paul. MSM picking up the Paulers Taking the Romney Bus story (because they think it is funny!.) "Some" of our unorthodox ways are print-worthy.

And, whether the stir about the "machines" was okay with everyone or not....there finally is some press...people want their votes to count!
I'm pumped...

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Unseen Supporters-Thankyou!

Activity that is taking place everywhere would indicate that a lot of eyes are on Ron Paul and many on this site. I just realized that there are many who are unseen and not vocal for various reasons... Media folks, military, Corp and government workers, people in foreign countries and here who fear reprisals and therefore are quiet.

Thank you and we all are beginning to understand more fully that We The People is becoming a worldwide movement motivated by our common desire to secure a peaceful planet to raise our families and live in freedom.

The recent blogs by internationals really pumps us all! And those who are quietly watching for a variety of reasons...this thank you is for you as well!

And, to military everywhere...We want to bring you all home to your families.


I got down on my knee's last

I got down on my knee's last night and said a prayer for Ron Paul. I have'nt spoken with God in years. I get stop crying these tears of joy.
God speed Ron Paul

People from all over the World!

I can confirm that, as being from Germany.
We`ve got pro Ron Paul Blogs in Britain, France, India, Brazil, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belgium. I`m talking to people in Italy and Scandinavia wanting to join. And I`m not talking about GIs over here - local people.
We`re all very very excited and cross our fingers.

You see some of them here:



Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Go RON , GO !!!!


Make sure that Ron Paul is the next President of the US !!

It will be a BIG disappointment to the totalitarian leaders in the Old World and a BIG help for us to fight against the collectivist bureaucrats in Brussels !!


Fighting against the totalitarian EUSSR

Someone Stepping Up

In my mid-50s, I am a lifelong Democrat although, in some respects (as in my opposition to abortion and my belief in the Second and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution) I am not a conventional liberal.

Quite to my shock, I am switching my registration to vote for Dr. Ron Paul.

The rest of the Republican lot are neither principled, nor patriotic, nor conservatives. They are errand-boys for the ultra-rich, the oil interests, the Federal Reserve . . . in a word, corporatists (which is to say, fascists).

Hillary Clinton and Sen. Obama are no better. They are in line with the same interests as rule the Republicans. Sen. Edwards, perhaps, is a shade better, but . . .

Ron Paul I believe is (apart from Mike Gravel, god bless him) the only real deal in this race. The only one who will address root causes, who doesn't have his hand out itching for a bribe, the only one willing to espouse unpopular positions because they are right and true.

We are running out of time and running out of freedom in America. The last challenger to the program of perpetual war who threatened to become president was Robert F. Kennedy; we know what happened to him.

We need courage, and no one has it in this race in the measure that Ron Paul has. We need to stop this evil war -- in Afghanistan as well as in Iraq -- to get a grip on immigration, to get rid of the neocon/Federal Reserve cabal, and put the federal monster back into the cage that the Founders wisely devised for it.

No, I don't agree with Ron Paul on every issue. Never mind; unlike the others, he has a long track record of putting his money where his mouth is. He isn't trotting to Israel to get his marching orders. He is the only big-time politician I can think of who understands and is unafraid to speak of how the Federal Reserve steals more wealth than 100 Mafia families could ever dream of.

Here's hoping. Let's all pitch in.

The Ames ad is moving and memorable

I think it will touch a lot of lives and may get some votes too: having the faces of the Ron Paul supporters combined into a graphic portrait of Our Guy was a master-stroke. I am assuming it came from the web site that we all sent our photos to?

If Our Soldiers overseas like it, and people from around the world too? Wow! What an endorsement!

Whoever did the layout and artwork should be thumped on the back, bought a round of drinks, hoisted on the shoulders and carried arourd the room while everybody sings! Hats off to whoever is responsible. Brilliant brilliant brilliant and NOT overdone. It is just so right!

Doesn't Ron Paul call

Doesn't Ron Paul call it..."blowback?"

Wrong can't always win, right has to come out first sometimes, doesn't it? And Dr. Paul is right on so many issues and so many levels.

People from all over the world

What can you say other than "freedom is popular"?

I must say...

I'm so happy I'm crying...seriously!