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There may have been 19 Saudi Arabian hijackers as a result of Blowback, but it was explosives that brought the three skyscrapers down.

Explosions were witnessed, tons of explosives were found in the rubble, and people were even arrested with tons of explosives on 9/11.

We don't need to speculate who demolished the World Trade Center, America needs to demand a more thorough investigation and stop being afraid to ask questions and learn the truth about the most deadly attack on American soil, which our foreign policy is based upon:

  • Fox News interviews architect Richard Gage, representing over 1000 architectural and engineering professionals whom have signed a petition to Congress demanding an independent investigation of 9/11:


  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) infrared thermal imaging of the World Trade Center shows surface temperatures exceeding 1100 degrees above millions of tons of World Trade Center rubble. This NASA temperature data is excluded from the government fire investigation of the three 9/11 skyscraper collapses conducted by NIST. Extreme temperature measurements from NASA excluded from a fire investigation?


  • A team of scientists headed by Physicist Steven E. Jones, Professor of Physics, Emeritus, BYU Department of Physics and Astronomy, published a scientific paper finding evidence of tons of high tech nano-thermite high explosives in every sample of multiple samples of the World Trade Center dust. This high tech explosive is only known to have been developed in sophisticated department of defense laboratories using nano-technology.


  • Live mainstream news coverage of 9/11 includes explosions, witnesses of explosions, and people being arrested with explosives:


  • Hundreds of spies arrested, including explosive ordinance personnel:

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    I Guess Since We've Lost A Virtual...

    boatload of liberty's precisely because of 911 (patriot act ect) means we shouldn't talk about it...that makes a hell of a lot of sense. Not to mention the 2 wars we have going on with another one in Iran coming up and the loss of over a million lives all based on lies...yeah thats a great reason not to talk about it.

    No Mr 1 Day 4 Hours You Should Be deleated

    Nystroms words:

    "How many others like you do you know in your own neighborhood, among your own friends? If you're like me, it is not many. On the Daily Paul, you are free to educate, speculate, and constructively criticize the world you live in, from (yes) chem trails to 911, to the Federal Reserve, the one party system, the corporate controlled media, and even the C4L."

    That's old. Apparently he changed his mind::

    "Censoring is necessary in order to remain focused.

    The mission of this site is to promote Ron Paul and his ideas. Among these ideas are individual liberty.

    911, and related topics tend to be divisive and take the community off message. "


    Apparently he saw that the old policy of a free for all conspiracy theories site, turned this site to garbage.

    So Stay The Hell Off The Post and Quit Being Devisive...

    I'm sure there's something your troll ass can find to entertain yourself until we figure out who you are in this incarnation...



    ~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

    Because the owner of this site

    said that 9/11 topics shouldnt be posted, because the purpose of this site is to promote Ron Paul's ideas. He said it distracts from Ron Paul's ideas.

    Daily Paul Opened My Eyes

    9/11 is an event, that if understood, essentially demands that every single American immediately get involved with the freedom movement, because it was an attack against America and was blatantly and terribly covered up by the government. It's something everyone is interested in, but most everyone has not been told the truth about. And, we have a lot of evidence, including video that can easily be shown to people, proving that it was a cover up.

    It contradicts Ron Paul.

    It directly contradicts Ron Paul's view on 9/11 that it was blowback and that the government wasn't involved in it and didn't know that it was going to happen.

    If the purpose of this site is to promote Ron Paul's ideas, then promoting the inside job theories is working against that purpose.


    You were the first person in this thread to bring up "inside job." So, why are you promoting "inside job?"

    Blowback has not been contradicted. Blowback is the reason the Saudi Arabian hijackers attacked.

    However, it was not the hijackers that were arrested with explosives.

    I completely agree with Ron Paul on blowback, this post merely provides further details of the attack than the initial blowback which motivated the hijackers.

    Is the U.S. the only government?

    Why don't you try reading the original post?

    Read before replying. It does matter.

    The hijackers were not arrested with explosives, therefore others were involved.

    You can't blame a crime on someone that didn't commit it!

    Read and learn something.

    But it matters...

    who the terrorists were. In order to bring justice for the thousands who died and continue to die.

    I guarantee you that no middle-east terrorists with box cutters rigged 7 well enough for it to collapse at free fall speed into its own footprint including the classic perfectly timed demolition "crimp"

    ~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

    just search in a search engine

    for "john shroader"

    he's a firefighter that was there, inside the buildings.

    11 minutes in to the interview

    it becomes blatantly clear that there were explosives.

    Genetically modified termites

    With Tungsten carbide teeth.

    "I don't endorse anything they say"
    ~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

    Great collection of

    Great collection of information, bookmarked and BUMP!

    There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

    "Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

    No Explosive & No Planes

    There were no planes and there were no explosives.

    I know it's a tough pill to swallow, but so is the government intentionally killing thousands of its own citizens and labeling them collateral damage as cover for another story.

    The rabbit hole is deep my friends. There are weapons out there that we know little about, think HAARP, the CIAs Heart Attach Gun, EMPs or how the Bagdad airport wasn't guarded and the military walked right in - not a shot fired or a dead body found/reported.

    Look closely at the building's collapse. It was pulverized with debris following a parabolic trajectory. Explosives don't do that. Look at all the films of buildings being demolished. They show a very different picture.

    Just like the Tea Parties, the 9/11 Truth Movement has been hijacked and is now controlled opposition.

    How do you explain

    8 - 10 ton pieces of interior core support steel (elevator shaft areas) being ejected from the building. Things were outside the buildings that never should have left in a collapse. These same support columns were stuck into other buildings. One HUGE piece went 600 ft into the Winter Garden area. EXPLOSIVE FORCE regardless of the type, had to be used to literally turn a HUGE building inside out and crush all the steel reinforced concrete. Crush everything and blow the bones of some of the unfortunate into fragments the size of human hairs.

    Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

    BMWJIM's picture

    So take us deeper down the rabbit hole.

    Prove your comments! Don't leave us hanging. Come on now! Give your scientific evidence. I want facts. Back up your post!

    Otherwise I will just have to believe the engineers and scientist on what happened.


    1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

    That contradicts all the witnesses and evidence.

    Why would you be doing that?


    godzilla vs. king kong, scoob & shaggy spearheaded the discovery of this shocking information, surviving many taqrgeted assassanation attempts as a fine thank you for their efforts. thank God for the mystery machine and quick getaways or else we might never know.

    What's annoying is he's been here for over 2 years.

    Deeply embedded, so to speak.

    I'm slow... sorry guys.

    I don't get responses emailed to me. I just don't have the bandwidth, but I apologize for leaving you hanging... my bad.

    I've also been busy with our CFL meetup and helping John Dennis against Nancy Pelosi. I'm also out and about (on the internet) helping Peter and Rand. I think it helps to expand our circle of influence. I'm trying to do that more than just preach to the choir. Of course Daily Paul is my base camp and appreciate all your knowledge and vigilance in exposing the truth.

    Jim - I don't have scientific evidence. I just ask that you look beyond the surface of what has been brought to light. There are many occurrences that cannot always be explained scientifically. For instance, try to explain Crop Circles scientifically. There was an episode on TV where some MIT students tried to replicate a Crop Circle scientifically and couldn't.

    There are also other tools the government have at their disposal, like HAARP, that we know exist, but don't know exactly what they are capable of.

    Now back to the towers. I think the best way to think about the tower would be to recall or watch the movie Razorfish. Sometimes it is easier to hide and elephant in the living room because it is so absurd, it's such a crazy or impossible thing to do.

    Okay (rambling). With that said, the plane were an illusion. Think of them as a hologram projected in the sky. Ridiculous? Of course it is. That's why it is so hard to imagine. How could they do such a thing. Well the same way complex Crop Circles are created in less than 10 hours.

    No explosives. The building was taken down some kind of EMP weapon. It was fired at the building and took it down. Again... sounds crazy. When you watch the video, look at the building carefully. The cement is pulverized and is shooting up in the air. This is not the work of explosives. Yes, it was controlled demolition, but not in the way the government or 9/11 truth brigade want you to think.

    Anyway, this is all intellectual curiosity. It doesn't really matter. What matters is taking our country back and restoring the Republic. Personally, I think the 9/11 issue drains valuable time and resources from the tasks at hand. There are so many government false flags and other things the government are doing in broad daylight. The Infowar is about changing the very fabric of thought of the masses and we have enough happening right out in the open to do our job.

    sempiternal, Thomas - I'll try to keep tabs on my comments in the future.

    9/11 is Important for Demonstrating How Corrupt Govt Really Is.

    Everyone that joins the freedom movement has to have a reason that they do so. If they have no reason, then obviously they won't care, and won't bother to join. For me, after seeing the massacres at Ruby Ridge, and Waco Texas by the FBI, the last straw was seeing the government kidnap all the children from the FLDS church in Eldorado Texas. But, I hadn't looked into 9/11 until I came to Daily Paul and learned about it. 9/11 is much more significant than the government crimes that brought me here.

    9/11 is an event, that if understood, essentially demands that every single American get involved, because it was an attack against America and was blatantly and terribly covered up by the government. It's something everyone is interested in, but most everyone has not been told the truth about. And, we have a lot of evidence, including video that can easily be shown to people, proving that it was a cover up.

    Your theory completely discounts the evidence, and it gives me the feeling that you did not even read my original post that you replied to. If you did, you surely did not study the evidence or material in any detail. I suggest that you do, because the evidence shows that;

    • Explosives were witnessed going off, to include people being thrown to the ground inside the basements and floors of the buildings, even the one that was not hit by an aircraft.
    • Explosives were found in multiple dust samples from the disaster. Not just conventional explosives, but tons of high tech nano explosives which can only be created in sophisticated state of the art laboratories.
    • And lastly, people were arrested with trucks full of explosives on 9/11. Foreign explosive ordinance personnel that had infiltrated our government were also arrested for espionage around 9/11.

    So, the evidence clearly contradicts not only your theory, but the lies of our own government.

    You're darn tootin'


    I think I can, I think I can...

    Almost to the top.


    Thanks for assembling these links! I'm watching/listening to the Gage interview now, marveling that he was allowed on a Fox news channel.

    That's a pretty good summary and interview.

    Pretty much any typical TV viewer can digest that mainstream interview.


    Here..A strong second from the great state of Texas. Medina for Guvna!!

    Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

    Unfortunately she was back-stabbed with ignorance.

    Thank you Glenn Beck, you tool!