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Ron Paul Is His Own Entourage

Check out the picture here.

It may seem sometimes that running for president is all about corporate jets, Secret Service protection and a fawning entourage. Not for Ron Paul, the libertarian anti-war outsider generating some fervent support and impressive fundraising totals. There he was at Washington Reagan airport last night lugging his bags onto the same Continental Airlines flight to Houston as me. On his own. Not an aide in sight. (telegraph.co.uk)

At first I was skeptical about this picture. It looks like Dr. Paul, but it’s hard to say for sure.
Why doesn’t the man have a security detail? An aide? Somebody to carry his bags?
The man is running for President of the United States and he’s 72 years old.
Somebody should be there with him.

So I discounted it. I thought that perhaps the British reporter had made a mistake and the man on the plane was not Ron Paul.

Then I got confirmation in a very round-about way that convinced me it is Ron Paul.

A gentleman at Daily Paul told a story of escorting Ron Paul home from the airport (I am waiting on permission from the supporter to print his story here today)… on December 7th… from the airport. He had a picture to prove his story. And in that picture, Dr. Paul was wearing the same outfit that the British reporter had photographed him in earlier in the day in Washington D.C.

I ask you, can you imagine any other candidate for President being alone at the airport and carrying his own bags?

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I hope Ron Paul gets some

I hope Ron Paul gets some security immediately. If the elite become convicined that he can win the nomination they will kill him. There can we no doubt about this.

It's an honor to live in the same country as Ron Paul

I can attest to the validity of this story (not to that being him, but that being his style)
At the Philadelphia rally, a huge event with 5000+ people there, what did Ron Paul show up in?
A limo? A nice stretch job with a bar and such?
At least a Mercedes? Perhaps a nice Cadilliac, Lexus, or Lincoln Town car?
Nope, he rode in a minivan.
If you don’t believe it, check out the YouTube videos of the rally. You can see him step out.
I know this is absolutely a fact beacuse I followed him for the last 5 miles into Philly (in the video, you can see a blue/purple Stratus behind the minivan when he gets out of it - that was me…)

BTW - I started to drive past him on the highway, he saw my bumper stickers and sign in the back window, and actually ROLLED HIS WINDOW DOWN - just to say hi to little old me...
I challenge you - tell me another candidate that would even think about doing that...
i was a Ron Paul advocate before Philly - I think I might qualify as something more now (what? an Apostle? - :0)

I'm surprised Karl wasn't there.

Karl is Ron Paul's head of security. I've seen Ron in person twice, and both times, Karl was there.

I know that minivan you're talking about. When the lunch at UNReno was over, rode out in a white minivan. There was this monstrous END THE WAR, VOTE RON PAUL 2008 sign. He rolled down his window and waved at everyone.

I think

I think Karl was sitting behind Dr. Paul.

Does America even Deserve Ron Paul??

Even when Dr Paul Wins the Nomination and then the Election, we'll still be fighting the Lies and Attacks, but based on what i've seen i think the Ron Paul Supporters are up to it, sooooooooooo Bring it ON!!!

I can't wait to see Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity both have a Heart Attack and slump over Live on the Air!!! That might be funny....lol!!

RP is awesome for many reasons.

His humble nature is an asset. At the opening of his Concord NH headquarters he arrived with a few folks, spoke to the crowd from a chair, answered every question , did photos and autographs, thanked everyone and was out the door. All by himself! Didn't need a "nanny"!

Someone said to me today that Huckabee's problem was that he didn't have any $ so he didn't have enough handlers, advisors and aides. I suggested to him that Huckabee's problem is that he needs handlers, advisors and aides!



Good stuff right there.....made me LOL! :))


"Live Free or Die"



Is a wonderful decent person. This just shows he has never forgot where he came from. I wish he would take security with him, even if its a couple of male supporters who would readily give their time for this. Maybe someone could contact the campaign and suggest this. I also hope he is getting enough rest and eating right.

This picture is worth a thousand words....

Now, with that said....We know he walks the talk, BUT, someone get that stubborn old coot(I mean that in the most loving, respectful, man-crush kinda way). some bodyguards (and I don't mean the secret service {SS}, I think they serve a different master)! This man is a National Treasure, we can't leave him open to some less than savory character who would club him for a quarter.


"Live Free or Die"



Good Job Brian, I have never seen Ron Paul off the campaign trail. Thanks for your newsletter, it really helps me catch up after running around all day.