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In desperate need of water and electricity, Venezuela is "bombing" clouds and praying for rain.

Venezuela is not at war with the skies but with a severe drought that has caused an electricity crisis and forced the government to resort to unconventional methods to make it rain.

The government began “bombing clouds,” or cloud seeding, late last year after it emerged that the country was facing a dire water shortage.

Using technology borrowed from Cuba and Chile, the idea is to fire a mixture of silver iodide, dry ice and salt into vertically growing cumulonimbus clouds to encourage raindrops to join together


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US Cloud Seeding since 1946

Other countries have been using the technique for decades. China is reported to have fired rockets into the clouds above Beijing before the 2008 Olympic Games to reduce pollution. The U.S. has been cloud seeding since 1946 to make it rain in areas suffering from drought, to reduce the size of hailstones in storms and fog around airports, and occasionally to make it snow at large ski resorts. Eleven western states have ongoing weather modification programs.

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