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VIDEO UPDATE: Rand Paul knocked it out of the park in today's debate.

Trey Greyson imploded badly today.

Bill Johnson has proven himself as either uneducated, a liar or both!

I was extremely proud of Rand today and I think the next poll will show him way ahead now.

Video Here:

Kentucky Republican US Senate Forum from Liberty Insider on Vimeo.


Who do you think won?

Trey Greyson

Bill Johnson

Rand Paul


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He does kind of look that way

He does kind of look that way I guess.

Why should we care if he putts from the rough?

We shouldn't, just an

We shouldn't, just an observation. Although in a red state I wouldn't think it'd play well.

hahahaha. That made me smile,

hahahaha. That made me smile, thank you.

Who cares if he is?

He may be a closet-case, but that's not why he shouldn't be living on the taxpayers' payroll.


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel

Only an observation, don't

Only an observation, don't get your panties in a wad.

exactly what I was thinking

reminds me of this guy I knew in high school ( gay churchy kid)

war is not prolife

i love all the lip service to abortion, yet they all want to go overseas to kill and murder to maintain the empire.

i'm only half including rand. i think he would like to stream line war efforts and probably realizes all the waste, death, and blow-back created by our interventions, but has to get uninformed people, who think people in caves are coming to them, to vote for him...

Rand Paul came across to me

Rand Paul came across to me as thoughtful, articulate, clear, knowledgeable, sensible leader who will represent Kentuckians well. Congratulations!

Bill Johnson, I felt, was a passionate war monger itching to get into the fray and emotionally immature about his views that everyone else should adhere to re abortion and states' rights vs fed rights. I suspect his principles and motives are genuine but somewhat untethered, therefore scary. Actually I felt he could contribute to the political scene as a learning experience and be a valuable cohort in some capacity or other.

Trey Grayson sounded like an eight grader in an oral speaking contest.He needs to be disenfranchised from politics. He does not have the moral compass to represent anyone. By the way, if the old gentleman was a registered candidate, why was he not allowed to participate, let alone be hauled out of the room so disgracefully...For Shame!!!!

Joη's picture

Bill J:"I helped solve Y2K"

he actually said that @60m30s in response to what he's done outside government that makes him qualified for it.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

what he should have said was

that he has lots of experience spending large amounts of other people's money from his background at Big Oil.

that guy should have been

that guy should have been included in the debate.

I sure wish the doctors would lead us out of the morass

Abortion is a booby trap, a divide and conquer tactic. It is the hardest thing they would ever do as "Conservatives" but if they would say "Abortion is a serious medical, spiritual and family issue, and the last thing people need is the government in the middle of it" I would be able to support them. Now, if Rand were on my ballot, I might be more inclined to say "good enough" but he is not, and so the ONLY reason I would support him is if he REALLY represented what I believe is true. He, like his father, are pandering to those who still wish to legislate morality.
Very disappointed, after waiting so long for this "out of the park" video.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

It's not legislating morality...

Scientifically, human life begins at conception. (See: http://www.l4l.org/library/mythfact.html) Defending LIFE, liberty and property from attack is only legitimate purpose of government. He and his Dad are doing their jobs, and I'd have trouble supporting them if they didn't.

For the other two it's just political convenience. Rand actually means it... yet another reason I'm proud to support him.

No, it is legislating

No, it is legislating morality. All law is legislating morality. We have laws against murder, theft, fraud, etc. Those are moral categories. The question is: who's law will be legislated? The Ron Paul movement hinges on a moral standard founded on Christianity. His followers that are atheists, anarchists and pro-choice are the inconsistent ones. Their hatred for our corrupt government is arbitrary.


you can't post links like that and pretend that they prove anything. That entire page combines some scientific jargon and true (yet irrelevent) statements about oogenesis and mitosis, then concludes essentially that because the product of conception has 46 chromosomes, it is a human being.

Then he proceeds to attack absurd strawmen arguments that are not real objections that anyone would make. That link is simply trying to intimidate people by using scientific words into buying the same old "life begins at conception" assertion.

People who were already pro-life will probably think it is a solid argument, but it wouldn't prove convincing to an objective observer.

If not a "human" being,

what kind of a being is it (embryo and fetus)?

Murray N. Rothbard

made it clear that abortion is a form of self-defense. No human has the right to remain within another human's body without consent.

Yeah, and Murray Rothbard is

Yeah, and Murray Rothbard is an idiot. The only thing he got right was economics. You seem to accept whatever he says, PresidentRich. Is he your Pope?

Self-defense is protection against uninvited attackers

The "body" came to be within the mother as a result of her actions, not the "body's" actions or desires. She and the father are the causation for the body being there. Using your logic, we should give a kidnapper the right to kill the kidnapped victim he resides with.

It was depressing

To watch four cops escort out an 85 year old WWII veteran.

It always REALLY angers me when they treat the vets like this. Sheesh, what do you have to do to be allowed participation?

Yeah, it just gets worse for

Yeah, it just gets worse for Grayson.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

i liked the subtle eye contact

johnson n ashtrey made soon before their attack on rand.

"Rand opposes the Patriot act" - Greyson

Thanks Greyson for pointing that out. What a nice guy.

Go Rand!

How many terrorists are there

How many terrorists are there in the Department of Homeland Terrorism? Who is watching them? Who are they to "fight terrorism"?

I don't trust politicians any farther than I can throw them, and that goes double for Janet Napolitano and her goose steppers.

Our own politicians have created the terrorist threat. While the primary function of the federal government is to protect our nation, politicians at the federal level, in both parties continue to invite terrorist attacks by their reckless adventurism in foreign wars. It is their actions in the affairs of other nations that invite terrorist attacks on us. Are we to be grateful to them, and surrender our rights?

Only a coward would surrender freedom for the promise of security, and that's exactly what the Patriot Act is: the promise of security for our freedoms.

The morning after pill is

The morning after pill is effective for its intended use. Stating that doesn't make anyone pro-choice.

What Was Security Doing at the Begining

What was the little distrurbance with the guy with the envelope at the begining.

Another candidate...

It was Gurley Martin, another candidate, trying to get into the debate. If they let 2% Bill in, they should have let Mr. Martin in... but still, he wasn't scheduled or anything, so security escorted him out yet.


If the guy is a candidate, he should have been included.

How would you increase jobs?

I don't think they understand.

Money is being drawn away from the economy by taxes, yet not many loans are being made to increase the money supply. Many jobs around tend to be grant funded, which only increases taxes. It's crazy.

It's a shame he didn't say competing currencies, killing/nationalizing the fed. That's the cause of joblessness.

When the economy is in a boom, jobs are available. Bust, they aren't. Just wish he said something about that.


Trey Grayson sounds like an

Trey Grayson sounds like an ignoramus.

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