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Jake Towne: Just Volunteer!!!


Are you fed up with what is happening in OUR country from the career politicians who are bought and paid for by lobbyist and corporate PAC dollars? Who do not listen to the people? Who have no real solutions for our problems?

Towne for Congress invites you to just volunteer!! For those new to politics (like me), you do not have to agree with all of my positions, but the usual reason people volunteer is very simple - they want to have change from the status quo, and supporting a candidate who will represent and listen to their views is a great vehicle to have an impact and start conversations with neighbors and friends.

An active volunteer is as good as gold for the campaign. Often, just spending several minutes a day or one afternoon a month can make a huge difference for winning a campaign and spreading the message of liberty!!

You can use the campaign to talk about the novel-yet-simple Our Open Office concept, saving the country from the bankers at the Federal Reserve, getting rid of the immoral and unnecessary income tax, stopping the bailouts and corporatism, ending the wars abroad, getting the government OUT of our heath care, protecting the Constitution and our civil liberties, and a whole lot more!!!

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Thank you my friend

this coffee is to you!

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15