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We are focusing on the constitution this year...mainly pertaining to our situation today, but also how it relates to our past...and also preparedness for the upcoming and uncertain future...our legal latitudes...and the economic situation. Our keynote speaker this year is Dr. Chuck Baldwin, Presidential Candidate 2008 on the Constitution Party ticket and he is Pastor of Crossroads Presbyterian Church in Pensacola, FL. I believe this year's agenda promises to be a most dynamic program...most informative about our situation today & how we, as a Southern people, are going to survive the perilous times ahead of us. I believe one will learn more history during this day than one can in 4 years in the college classroom...especially in today's colleges & universities!

Even though Alabama Secession Day, historically, is Jan 11, we feel that Feb 20 is still very significant ...the weekend closest to the date of Feb 18, the day Pres. Davis was sworn into office as President of the Confederate States of America, plus Feb is the month of George Washington's birth!

Hunting season and football season is over, so I hope you ALL will make a special effort to attend this very educational and historical day. The Foundation for Moral Law is in the old Central Bank Building, the bank where President Davis went to secure funding for the Confederacy...directly across the street (Dexter Ave) is the Winter Building...where President Davis went to send the telegram to fire on Fort Sumter, after lincoln bin laden had fortified the fort with arms & supplies! So, even though our seminar can no longer be held in the Cradle of the Confederacy Capitol Auditorium, thanks to State Finance Director, Jim Main's policy prohibiting weekend events in the Capitol, we are still in a very historic location regarding the Birth of a Nation!

Just for a sampling of Dr. Baldwin writings, please click on the link below...

Praise For Lee And Jackson
I, for one, am thankful for the example and legacy of men such as Robert
E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. They were the spiritual soul mates of
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They were men that loved
freedom; they were men that loved federalism and constitutional
government; and they were men of courage and understanding. They
understood that, sometimes, political separation is the only way that
freedom can survive.........
by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Patricia S. Godwin
Event Organizer

Alabama Secession Day Commemoration


Constitutional Mini-Seminar

To be Held at

The Foundation for Moral Law Building

One Dexter Avenue

Montgomery, Alabama

20 February 2010

9:30 AM til 4:30 PM

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Chuck Baldwin, 2008 Presidential Candidate, Pensacola, FL

Mr. Franklin Sanders, Economist, West Point, TN

Col. John Eidsmoe, Prof. Emeritus, Faulkner University, Constitutional Law, Montgomery

Donuts & Coffee to be served beginning at 9:30 AM

Morning Program begins at 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Complimentary Lunch 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

(Lunch provided for guests & attendees – no takeouts)

Music Program by Kim Shannon begins at 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Afternoon Program begins – 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM

No Admission Charge – Donations Only

All Proceeds go to Foundation for Moral Law – NOT Judge Moore’s Gubernatorial Campaign

This event is a GRASSROOTS event & is NOT sponsored by the Foundation for Moral Law

For more information contact: Patricia S. Godwin @ 334-875-1690 or oldsouthrebel@zebra.net

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...was great. I always enjoy hearing him speak. Voted for him in 2008, after Dr. Paul dropped out.


I tried to find out what time baldwin is speaking but they have no times on the speakers. My guess he would be one of the 1st ones. Im not sure if i can make it. I live in Sylacauga and dont get off work till 12.

Bump for my fellow Alabamastani's in occupied Alabamastan

I would like to go see Baldwin again, he is a good man.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

What time is Baldwin speaking

I don't close the store till noon and it would take me till 1 till get downtown to Montgomery.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*