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Stossel Show - The Road To Serfdom!

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Gotta Love This Guy

John Stossel tells it like it is. You may not like what he says on a specific issue but his arguments are compelling.

Based on the budget woes growing state by state across our republic, it looks like the state government system is bound to collapse. Yet, we the sheeple just ignore the trouble signs. Remember, when bankruptcy comes, the courts can rewrite or even disallow contracts (union, pensions, you name it). And they will, as they have done in the private sector for the last century. Count on it.

The piece on equality is also great because he's right that it was intended to be based on a system of equal justice and treatment thereof. Who gives a hoot what Joe Biden says. Any of you think your equal to Joe Biden? Think really hard now...keep thinking. Ok, then. ;-)

I certainly know that there are people running the show here that are more equal than me...always will be...is it really even arguable? We have a system that wants to handicap the person (positively or negative;y) when that's not the role of government, or what America is about. But it's really collectivism and it can't work, as history continually demonstrates.

If people want to argue this then they need a good dose of......the late, great, George Carlin....he has it right about what's really going on. Here's just one...enjoy:


Can anyone point me in the direction where I can find the America we all signed up to be proud of?