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“The Southern Avenger” Interview with Tom Woods

“The Southern Avenger” Jack Hunter interviews New York Times bestselling author and Ludwig Von Mises senior fellow Thomas E. Woods, Jr. on 1250 AM WTMA, Charleston, South Carolina, February 16, 2010. Woods discusses his current book “Meltdown” and his forthcoming book on nullification and states’ rights.



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bump for a most excellent

bump for a most excellent interview...

For Those Not in Charleston...

I finally figured this out.

According to the official Station website www.wtma.com He Does Not Exist.

Jack Hunter (Souther Avenger) is not a scheduled DJ/Show Host. He is a regular commentator with short subjects twice a week.

Also he is a regular FILL IN Host for other Hosts. So you have to have an inside lead as to when he is on if you want to listen to him.

His Newspaper website appears to be this link...
His American Conservative Mag Blog is here

I did finally find this little blurb on the station website. (using a google trick that nobody is going to take the time to do) You have to scroll down a bit to find out about him.


I like this guy but I had to do way to much work to figure this all out. He needs a single website badly to sort all this out.

He is a fill in host at WTMA

He is a fill in host at WTMA and does not have a regular show, check out http://www.recruitjackhunter.com upcoming Southern Avenger scheduled shows have been posted there...