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Your daily dose of prescribed poison...

OK, here is a drug company up to their usual tricks.
Note this article talks about reviewing studies, and talks about new "research." NO new studies, that "new" research is going back and looking at OLD studies again. In other words, they had this information ALL ALONG, they just never published it. They do not LOOK for these types of problems when doing clinical trials, they LOOK for data to support the use of the new drug. Each "adverse event" is treated as an isolated incident, so no one ever tries to identify trends. Even when they find them (in SSRI studies, the suicide problem was undeniable) they suppress the information until some whistle blower comes along, or until the problem is so prevalent in the population that they are forced to "do research" and confess, like they did in this article. Why would they kill off the people they make money from? Because there are PLENTY of us to make money from. Sometimes, instead of killing them, you get them on another drug for the rest of their life. Remember the push not too many years back to get EVERYONE on statins, because they were SO wonderful with NO side effects? Well, the internet remembers...

Note the article shifts blame from this "research" to blaming those stupid patients... ""Where it may make a difference is people who are at very low risk of heart disease, who may want to take it over the counter just because they thought it might be a good idea." Well, I wonder where they got a silly idea like that...?

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thank you for posting

thank you for posting article...I have tried to tell people not to take cholesteral drugs...but to no avail...maybe this new old info will be of help

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32