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Glen Becks show in the UK loses 103 sponsors

Today, Color of Change and StopBeck.com announced that the United Kingdom has forcefully rejected Fox News host Glenn Beck. In fact, the UK broadcast of his show “was forced to run without any advertisements” for five days in a row as of yesterday. Additionally, 103 companies have agreed to stop their ads from appearing on his program. Some of the latest defections include Allstate Insurance, Anheuser-Busch, Idaho Potato Commission, Marriott International, Volkswagen, and Western Union. Some of their comments:

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Hopefully this and the dropout of sponsors here in the America will stop the Glen Beck express.

What I do believe will happen is when Debra wins the Republican primary, Mr. Beck will have an ~epiphany~ and want to have her on his show more often to appease those of us that are constitutional conservatives.

~We won't be fooled twice, Mr. Beck~

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This will be better, if Fox

This will be better, if Fox can be persuaded to have the Judge take over his show.
Any chance of that happening?
As sure as boobus is dumb...


Contact these sponsors and to thank them. Be sure to mention the Debra thing. You know there is somebody at these companies that is writing reports for the brass to read.

I just sent this letter to an advertiser

If you'd like to use it for a template, go right ahead.

As a customer of Proflowers for the last few years, it saddened and troubled me greatly to see Proflowers' name on the list of sponsors for Glenn Beck's program on Fox. I think Proflowers is a fantastic product, and to see it spending its advertising dollars on a lying, bigoted misogynist like Beck has tarnished your company's otherwise excellent reputation in my eyes. I am now considering switching to 1-800-Flowers, as I feel I cannot financially support a company that supports someone like Beck. Please strongly consider ending your sponsorship of Glenn Beck. Same thing goes for redenvelope.

Thank you,

V for Vendetta...

Will we awaken too ?

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One less Neo-Con on the air

One less Neo-Con on the air is a good thing....


all the way from "Across the pond" Reaching out to bi#ch slap that crying bi#tch clown.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

great news

this just made me log in just to bump it up - Thank you!

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