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Disturbing graph on US Treasuries...

China has just dumped $34 Billion in US Bonds leaving Japan as the biggest holder of US Treasuries.

Caribbean Banking Centers (Goldman, AIG) are picking up the slack...


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looks like the puppets in

looks like the puppets in Japan and the UK are picking up the slack.

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Thank you for posting this my friend.

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If AIG has money to invest in

If AIG has money to invest in the US government, shouldn't they just be using that money to simply pay us back for their bailout?


AIG is a conduit for freshly printed notes from the Fed

which are then used to buy the treasuries to maintain the illusion that there is a demand for said treasuries.




It looks like the UK is holding what China had. The Euro is in trouble and the UK bought U.S. Treasuries which are also in trouble? I wonder when the China bubble is going to burst?

Congrats Japan!

You now hold the biggest bag of hot potatoes! Ironic considering they are deepest in debt in % terms - 160% of GDP.

China, however, can see the writing on the wall. They have effectively killed manufacturing in this country and can now sit back, relax, and watch our economy go slowly down the toilet.

I wonder what they will buy with $34B? Something yellow and shiney perhaps? ;-)

Sprott Asset Management: Is the Federal Reserve A Ponzi Scheme?

Of the $1.8 Trillion in US treasuries issued in December, 80% ended up being purchase by the Federal Reserve, probably through these same "Caribbean Banking Centers"


This is it

The fed has been and is buying up the debt to keep the big lie going. This is the monstrous truth which is too toxic for anyone to deal with. Wealth is being destroyed by inflation as fast as it's created and everyone is sitting around wondering when prosperity will return. The "dual mandate" (stable prices and full employment) is destroying the world. Nothing will change until the metrics of success change or the SHTF. My bet is the SHTF first.

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Increase the speed of printing presses!

Grim future from this trend.

The scam is over!!1


Game on.


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