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Has anyone seen the Mount Vernon Statement

Just released.

I am Appalled.


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i saw it today and signed on

i saw it today and signed on ... what is so apalling about it?

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Sentiments on MVS

It's vague and some of the people who signed it are warmongers. That's enough to prevent me from signing it. As a full-blown libertarian in the Jeffersonian sense, I could not in all good conscience.

These people think they are going to unify the various factions of conservatives who have grown sick and tired of their statist nonsense. They may, but I won't be one of those people.

Brent Bozell? CFR member?

Brent Bozell? CFR member?

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Mt. Vernon statement

One of the original co-writers of the "Sharon statement", David Franke, wrote an article about this and contrasted it with the "Mt. Vernon statement" on Lew Rockwell's site on 2/18/10. It's pretty interesting.

I'm surprised no one is interested in this ?

one bumb to check