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I need help at Texas Monthly now.

Texas monthly is a very influential magazine for Texans it is so important ric perry keeps paid staffers to make positive comments for him.I have gotten into a fight with a lady over there who is throwing polls # in my face showing that Debra does not have a chance to win.I need somedody to get over there with the Austin Busuness Journal link to show her that this is the latest poll and it is showing Debra topping Perry by 31% to 26% I dont link very well so I cant show her the article. There are alot of Democrats who read Texas Monthly and are sitting on the sidelines trying to decide who is the best choice to vote for to beat Ric Perry. So can somenone go over there and under burka blog under KBH robocall under the 96 0r 97 comment please link that Austin Bussines Artcile.Thanks

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Ok , Lancelot! I got the links!

Here is the blog post 'KBH Robocalls' that needs help in comments!


Here is the poll result article from Austin Business Journal

The most recent BusinessPulse Survey asked readers if the primary election were today, who would win their vote. Out of the 1,582 that answered, 31 percent picked Tea Party favorite Medina compared with 26 percent choosing Perry. About 20 percent backed Houston Democratic mayor Bill White and 14 percent chose Republican U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison


* I will post the poll over there in a few minutes and make some supportive comments throughout the day!

All help appreciated!!

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

thanks Liberty Bell

You are truly the guardian angel on this site.


Bump for some needed help and Medina.


bump please

Okay First Of All lancealotlink No One Including Me...

can tell what the hell you are talking about. You have provided no actual link to get where you are talking about.

I used my firefox find it feature and corrected your spelling couldn't find burka blog, KBH robocall,or Austin Business Article

Then I used http://austin.bizjournals.com/ own search engine to no avail.

Do you know how to cut and paste?
If so why not just cut and paste this and put it every Craigslist area in Texas you can? You'll reach more people that way.


First I apologize

My comp cant cut and paste,ok let me see if can be a little more clear the austin business jornal conducted a poll . Polling there subscribers. and out of 1500 registered voters Debra topped perry 31% to 26%. this artcle was on this site a couple of days ago.I need someone to go to the texas monthly and then find burka blog and the find and article call kbh robocalls and under the 96 97 comment I need someone to link the Austin Businees Journal artcle.


there someone here who knows what Im talking about?

Lance, I got it!

I know you must be frustrated but no worries I posted it above and will over there in a few minutes!

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd