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Does anyone believe Victory In Texas is possible?

I believe we are within striking distance of winning this one. Don't give up! The attack was meant to derail the supporters as well. They wouldn't have attacked her with such venom if they did not think she could win.

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we need another big media spash

get her into run off and then YES she will be the new Governor

Dont get me wrong !

I am 110% behind Debra I even campaign for her everyday that I can. In Fort Worth Tx she is more popular then ever . But the problem Debra is having is she is just not very well known in the rural areas.My uncle lives in east texas in a very small town and he tells me that no one has even heard of her. If Debra can make the runoff then we have a very good oppurtunity and talk on the street is that she has a shot to do so but Ill have to be honest and tell you that its not going to be easy.

if it wasnt possible then

if it wasnt possible then they wouldn't have opened fire. Unfortunately, they have a nuclear option: rigged voting.

Ventura 2012

By the smell of your

By the smell of your opponent's fear, you know the vitory is coming.

As DaddyWarbucks mentioned below,

Glenn Beck said later in the same show that Debra Medina was a true states' rights advocate and that he was right there with her on that issue. He also said that Texas was mad at him for saying anything bad about her. Could he have gotten religion from all the indignation his own people are expressing over his hatchet job? Let's see if he takes another step in the same direction...

Watch the video at:


Scroll down to segment 5. It's in there.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


he called her a truther again. And where does Total Government and Anarchists merge, that made zero sense.

If she has good TV commercials.

She can't win with mediocre ads--Perry's ads are pretty good at this writing.

That's half the reason Dr. Paul lost his primaries two years ago. Poor advertising.

I think if Debra put the property tax issue center stage, and backed that up with gun rights, she could win.

Support the Constitution of the United States

I concur Kevin, I have offered my services....

to Her people as well as Ron Paul's
with no response.
My Company info...

She'll have to win

By a comfortable margin, if its close they will steal it.

I think Texas would make a great first shot

and, the tide is changing, not time to give up now. In my district 2 long time candidates for the state senate said they aren't running and their reasons were hilarious.

I would love to know what

I would love to know what Texas people are seeing and hearing from other voters in Texas.

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I believe Debra Medina can win this

We are up against a very ruthless machine in the name of Rick Perry and FOXnews' Glenn Beck. We can't let them distract us or the voters. Continue your sign waving, putting up yard signs, make those phone calls, engage your neighbors, talk to people, be positive!

That last part is very important, be positive!

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

The last two points are key,

I think.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Yes, in a fair match


Free includes debt-free!

if the people are awake in

if the people are awake in sufficient numbers, victory is possible....or if Democrat mischief makers vote in the republican primary to sink perry...anything is possible. medina needs phone bank help and to reach out to dems during these last two weeks.

I live in NV. I believe she

I live in NV. I believe she more support that KBH. What can I do to help her win? [ I belive she will]

Watch for Hutchinson or Perry to Drop Out

This is why you don't want to smear their supporters.

Instead, make friends with them. If one of them drops out and endorses the other, or when one of them is beat in the primary and there's a run-off, we should be ready to welcome them.

The powers that be must realize that there's no guarantee that supporters of either of these people will not join Medina even if their candidate endorses Perry or Hutchinson, so they must be going a bit crazy by now.

And, as those who were here last time remember, it's the delegates that count. Delegates, delegates, delegates.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I would say


Freedom is NOT free!

Guess what?

Glenn "the hemmoroid" Beck is now championing Medina as the 10th Amendment candidate for Texas governor.

After he called her a fringe 9/11 truther -- on the same TV show.

And the arrogant little turd even admitted "the state of Texas is mad at me" ... for smearing Medina.

Show me the clip please

I do not doubt your honesty but that is a little hard to swallow. (then again everything about beck is hard to swallow)



Scroll down to segment 5. It's in there.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

The best I can offer is

If you have cable, look for the enore of GB's show and record it.
I just skimmed through this evening's program which I had recorded.

After I played it through I deleted it.

Beck gets on my nerves.

You know what,

The time has come that this forum, denounces Beck, and forever strives to discredit him.

A man without principles, is no man at all.

Glenn Beck is history!

Without question, it's very possible.

I think Medina's supporters are undercounted, and even if someone's not particularly pro-liberty, are either Perry or Hutchison likely to inspire him or her to show up at the polls?

I think Medina will come up with enough for a runoff, and after that I think all the momentum is with her. Plus, incumbents don't do well in runoffs, generally speaking. Perry has past his peak support, imo.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

I love this post,

but the better question would be, what can we do to help Medina win?

Become a Delegate

Become a Delegate. It's the delegates who decide.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

If you are in Texas.....

hit the concrete and the phones.
Call in to the local talk shows, tell
everyone you come in contact with about
Debra Medina.
I feel a earthquake coming!


What can we do to help?

Medina winning would be huge!!!

Can we all work together to help her?

I will follow any suggestion by any member.

I am not a leader but a follower of the truth.

Our efforts have helped Rand Paul, and likewise we must help Debra Medina.

This is the nature of politics, a dark horse can win in the end.

It's all about momemtum, and Medina and her supporters have definitely created momentum.

How can we add to her momentum?

All ideas are valuable.

Rather a doubtful title to this topic, don'tya think?

THEY must think so,or they wouldn't have "gone nuclear".
However, it appears Beck, not Medina, is toast.

I believe

If she doesn't, I am going to be majorly disenchanted and I may have to leave the country. Been thinking hard about that since 2008.