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Has anyone else been noticing a strange low-pitched vum-vum-vum sound at night?

I haven't heard it this week- but in the past, I have heard a very strange, low-pitched vum-vum-vum sound, kind of like an engine is running- but the source of the sound is elusive, and if I drive 30 miles away form town, I still hear it.


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There's one under the eave of my house making that noise. I think she's laying eggs or something.

It sounds like a loud slow rotating motor.

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Go outside and listen carefully and see if you hear their license plate rattling in the distance when it happens.

Welcome to the era of "Boom" car stereos.

Like Chemtrails, I think its important to have this thread

to report if we do experience it. We ought to not the day and time and location we heard it. A kind of people's log.

Jacksonville Beach FL

I live in South Jacksonville Beach, FL a little south of the Naval station Mayport. Recently I've heard what I believe to be some sort of aircraft making a wierd sound like you mentioned, very loud and a repetivie vum-vum-vum. There is some air traffic with multiple airports near and the Naval station (multiple helicopters a day usually) and so im used to their noise. However, I was up late one night playing Xbox with headphones on when I heard the odd sound clearly through my headphone music. The sound stayed near for about 15 seconds I'd'say and then appeared to move North very quickly. I grabbed my phone and noticed a txt from a friend telling me to come outside. It was around 1am or so and I walked out the door to see my friend standing next to her car w/ the door open staring at the sky. She looked at me and said "holy sh** i just saw a UFO". She described the same sound and said whatever it was was very high in the sky, came from the East, then went North extremely fast. I saw an elderly neighbor the next day that described hearing the same thing while it woke up him. Whatever it was, I've never heard that sort of sound come from any plane, jet, or heli I've seen. Tripped me out a little, havent heard it since that night about a week or so ago.

I used to hear the same thing

I used to hear the same thing coming from the AFB in Tucson too. I figured they were firing up their experimental stuff because one day I had a TR3B fly over my backyard at tree level escorted by two fighter jets. It didn't make any noise while flying, but don't know if it does when you start it up.

Blessings )o(

I haven't heard it in over a

I haven't heard it in over a week now, but about a month ago it was happening almost every night, always very late/early in the morning. It was driving me crazy and I couldn't sleep well because of it.

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Taos hum?

Do you live in NM? Have heard of the Taos hum before.

Just did a quick Google to make sure it was called hum and not buzz lol... I guess it's just called "The Hum" in Wiki

ELF -- Gand-elf? Which stands for Gov't and Elf Conspiracy

Those naughty Yogis have been talking about this for 12,000 years -- Only those bastards called it the Om Vibration. Later the Jews and Christians called it the A-men; Muslims called it A-meen.

Tibetans called it the Hum -- around the time those pesky Indian Yogis came up with Om.


Here I thought it was the universal contruct and all along it was a dayum Elfin Mind Machine.

*screams to the sky*




Maybe you have....

your tinfoil hat screwed on a little too tight!!!

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YES,very annoying

to have to get up at 3am to turn off the old ceiling fan in the LR

I've heard it. In Belize I

I've heard it. In Belize I used to lay in my bed just listening to that oh so annoying hummmmmmmmmm....if you pay attention to it, it could drive you crazy...I thought it was the man down the hill a few miles running his generators. I went down and asked him why he runs his generators at night when people are trying to sleep. He said he doesn't and never has.
it must be from the earth..believe me, no highways, no traffic, no factories.. Just pure silence..and the hummmm still occurs

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Funny you should mention that...

I am hearing a low on and off sound as I write this, but I thought it was coming from the laundry room...

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Nope, but sometimes I hear


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I'm heavily considering

I'm heavily considering making the bedrooms in my future house into Faraday cages.


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Deep underground tunnel boring machines



It's possible it could be tinnitus

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

I heard a guy call into Coast to Coast AM the other day talking

Talking about this sound- I know it's not a localized phenomena- please post a response if you have heard the sound so we can verify.

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That would be my wife


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funny.. but I'm being serious

That would be funny if I this sound at night wasn't really happening- unfortunately the ultra-sonic sound keeps on a hummin' and it's not your wife's dildo.

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It could be my girlfriend snoring

Ok, this time I'm actually serious: I do know what you're talking about. I hear it around here (MD) too. I think we're just bombarded with signals all day and night from a huge variety of sources. I can't go in downtown Gaithersburg, MD anymore at all. I get a pounding headache until I'm about 3 miles outside of town.

yes and its been absent this week

I thought it was wind turbines near by, but I have heard it on nights with no wind

No sound this last week.. I

No sound this last week.. I was expecting it, but nothing.. I'm taking it you aren't in California?

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nope in Minnesota



....but I'm not going to tell you what it is....

(...yet. :) )

I have

and that's exactly the way it sounds. Seems to be coming through my TV set. Wonder what that could be ?

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

A penguin from the zoo perhaps?


What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

I hear it too...

I'm not so sure it is a hum though..but sometimes I do definitely hear what sounds like a diesel running in a far off distance.

What I hear 99% of the time, especially at night, is the sound of a hot summer night at my Grandparents. I was raised there and we slept with the windows open for what breeze we could get. The most beautiful sound in the world comes from that place. The sound of tree frogs and locust (cicadas for you yankees..LOL.

It is 100% true...when I lay down at night, or when it is quiet, I hear the beautiful pulsing sound of random tree frogs and very loud locusts. I used to think I was just crazy, but now I think it is a gift. Anytime it is quiet, or time for sleep/meditation, I easily transport myself to my old bedroom at my Grandparents...my safe place. The weird thing is that sometimes it is more like I'm picking up some kind of transmission..more straight locust, less pulse, and much more like the fuzzy black picture on the old television.

Now that was a little embarrassing to talk about wasn't it. LOL


Oh Dale...

You made me swoon.

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I thought it might be a factory be we dont have any around us

From time to time I too have heard a strange frequency

from some elusive place outside. I will become aware of it if I have awakened in the middle of the night and just listen to sound. It has disturbed me a few times and I have gotten my husband to hear it too and he agrees it is strange.

Sensitizing our ears by keeping electronics, tvs, and fans, digital clocks, out of our bedrooms is a start.

By the way. I urge you all to look into creating a infrared bulb sauna for amazing health benefits. It is a natural detoxing and nourishing natural healing. Easy and cheap to make and install in an unused closet.

Go to google search for Dr.Lawrence Wilson MD. He wrote a great little book I bought for $12 on amazon called, 'Sauna Therapy'.

Tinnitus and ear infections (which I am prone to too) can be healed through detoxing. Its deep penetrating nourishing infrared light frequency causes oxygenation of the blood and lymph raising the body temp a degree or two destroying nasty infections and congestions that we may not even be aware of.