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My Awesome, Wonderful Day

I am the Early Voting Election Judge in Dr. Paul's district. What a wonderful day!!!! He came in today to vote. I grinned from ear to ear, got up from my computer, went over and shook his hand, told him he was my hero and he said, "Thank you". I then told the beautiful Mrs. Paul she was my First Lady and she laughed with joy. What a wonderful day!!!! Just had to share my blessing with my DP family.

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Thanks for the happy story.

AwEsome. I vicariously just

AwEsome. I vicariously just met dr and mrs Paul thru you. Thanks for sharing.

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thread! Lucky you!

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It feels good

in your heart when you know you are doing the right thing.

All I can say is

Right on,And it must have been an honor!

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Wow, that is wonderful and

thank you for sharing that with us. You made my day too.

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Oh my, that is wonderful!

Wow, I can envision the entire encounter :-) I'm smiling too!

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Me three

Is he in person what you expected?

well, I have known him since

well, I have known him since 1973. Worked on his "88 campaign and know him through some other excellent experiences. He and his wife are the absolute cream of the crop to me, but then, I am a little prejudiced!!!

He seems like what you see is what you get,

no airs and the same in person as he is on TV. What did his health, energy and outlook look like?

strong handshake, seems very

strong handshake, seems very healthy,, good spirits, always optimistic and definitely seemed that way today. Carol looked great, too. I am so encouraged when people come in to vote and they say, "this is the party Dr Paul is running in, right?" I just smile inside and say, "yes". I am feeling pretty good about his re-election and something is telling me Debra M is doing well also. Just a sense I am getting from what people are saying when they come in - things like "I want to vote independent" or "I don't want to vote for either party". Just sounds good to me.