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License to Drive

Hi, my son is 16 years old and is trying to get his driver's license. He has already been taught how to drive and is a very good driver. He is in college now and, since we have a tight schedule, it would be nice if he could drive himself to school. However, it is very difficult to do the "parent taught" courses because everything is restricted(how many hours you can teach a day, etc.) They even want to check my driving records to make sure I am "qualified" to teach my son to drive! I would also have to wait at least 2 weeks in order to get the instructions package shipped from the DPS office in Austin. Another thing I found out is that he will have to have a learner's permit for 6 months before he can get his license. I was wondering if there was a way around this 6 month period? Is anybody having the same problem with this invasive program? We do not want to have someone else teach him driver's ed. It seems like they are trying to take more and more out of the parents hands.