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National Strike April 15-18 - what do you all think?

I have brought this here 3 or 4 times now, and it never seems to get any traction. I keep wondering if people are not looking into it, or if they are seeing something they don't like, but there are so few comments I am not sure what the deal is. I think this is something that everyone can do as an individual and it has a real impact. What are your thoughts on it?



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My fasmily is on board with

My fasmily is on board with this. Will the truckers go for this? We are ready.

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Nice to get a positive response first!
I know that whatreallyhappened.com is trying to promote this, and now snardfarker is on it, but I don't know that those are the best outlets to reach the truckers. They would be quite the little feather in the cap, wouldn't they? ALmost like if they strike, the rest of us WILL to, whether we plan on it or not...

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