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780 times the normal amount of Aluminum found in samples of rainwater (Heavy metals in rainwater)


Rainwater found to have thousands of times the normal amounts of heavy metals.

(Out of rainwater) these levels were recorded:
-780 times over the safe level of Aluminum
-593 times over the safe level of Arsenic .. Skin cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, hair loss, stomach pain, death
-Manganese 4,000 times over the safe level - poison over prolonged exposure
-Barium 300 times over the safe level- anxiety, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, weakness of muscles, chronic fatigue
-Iron (shouldn't be in the sky) 2000 times over the safe level- causes diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers, cancer, cronic infections, behavior of violence.
-Boron- 4,000 times over the safe level- not present in the atmosphere at any significant levels (but present in water samples).

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If you had watched the video..

You would have known it was in Australia.

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it would help to post where and when the samples were taken

the planet is a big place....

Do we have any chemists here

Do we have any chemists here in the DP?

This is a very simple test. Would be good to know if these claims are real.


is suppose to be very effective in ridding the body of heavy metals. Diatomaceous Earth:


Read the testimonials and buy the 50lb bag.

thank you

bookmarked it :-)

Only Cilantro (fresh, Drops)

Only Cilantro (fresh, Drops) will get the mercury out of the brain, then You have to use Chlorella to get it out of the system through the intestines.

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High altitude spraying

Is mostly reflective aluminum. It's time to stop bashing chemtrails and accept that they are not normal. All that crap that lingers for hours has high concentrations of aluminum in it.

Can you show me a link

Can you show me a link to the source of the information that underlies your assertion that aerial spraying is mostly reflective aluminum?

Clifford Cornicom is a chemtrsil expert link below


Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Just start researching

Chemtrails. I stopped reading about them years ago. There is abundant information out there with test results. Of course if you just read "official" statements then it will al be dismissed as conspiracy theory.

Aluminum is not a heavy metal

Although the article referenced refers to heavy metals as well, the one headlined, aluminum, is not a heavy metal. That doesn't mean we should eat aluminum, of course. As far as I know, it is not needed for human nutrition and can be detrimental.

Aluminum is one of the most abundant elements in the earth's crust, and as such could very well show up in rainwater if there is suspended soil from dust storms in the air.

We live in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Our water comes from the Rio Grande, one of the more polluted rivers. We are downstream from several large Mexican cities, and there is considerable contamination contributed by them. In spite of all that, our water coop has the water analyzed annually and the report always shows very low levels of the contaminants being discussed here. I would question the method of analysis shown in the video using a simple hand-held device. As far as I know no such simple device exists that can analyze dissolved substances in water with any accuracy. The exception would be a refractometer which can read the amount of sugar in a sample pretty accurately. Metals? That requires laboratory analysis involving spectrum analysis. or other involved laboratory procedures.

So this is in Australia??


Some test results

from California.

Mt Shasta

Redding concerned citizens place newspaper ad revealing contaminations

State Certified testing lab performed the tests.

A friend

of mine just had his blood tested and they found very high levels of aluminum. i told him about the spraying of chemtrails and he calls me all the time about them now

Stop Using Aluminum Cookware

Aluminum cookware is a common source.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I agree with you, I got rid

I agree with you, I got rid of aluminum cookware years ago, but also want to warn people not to switch to teflon(from what I have read, many non-stick pans don't say teflon on them but still contain PFOA aka teflon) based cookware or if they have it already, probably best to get rid of it. Here's why


For what it's worth,

my dad worked in the aerospace industry with teflon. When teflon coated pots and pans first came on the market in the late 60's(?), he asked my mom to not buy them because, he said, teflon is highly poisonous.



Anti-perspirant deoderants are

loaded with aluminum,and they are applied on an area of the body with a very high absorption ability.

It's even worse for women

It's even worse for women because they shave their underarms, because that increases the amount of aluminum absorbed if they use aluminum based anti-perspirant.

ummm... think EYE LINER


Kentrailer have we tried to take legal action.

Perhaps we could setup a money bomb to sue the airforce or federal goverment into forceing them to tell us what they are spraying on us.

Chlorella and

Chlorella and Cilantro
together with either Garlic or MSM

The Dr. Klinghardt protocol

I've been blending fresh cilantro into fruit smoothies

Knocks the bitterness down a notch or two. I drink lots of water so the cilantro had better be giving some chelation effect.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

baselinenutritionals.com has a heavy metal detox

with those ingredients. Anyone interested can also look up on jonbaron.org.


Yes, I believe it's called

Yes, I believe it's called Metal Magic.

nice find

kentrailer,i will take a batch of the next rain to a labatory and i will post results

I'll remember not to drink

the rainwater for a while after we get our gutters replaced.

Defend Liberty!

Aluminum is very toxic. It

Aluminum is very toxic. It will displace the magnesium in the natural calcium/magnesium balance. The result is severe depression (suicidal levels) and many nerve problems as magnesium is fundamental for nerve communication throughout the body. Toxic levels of aluminum will cause cell growth and activity problems and leads to an early death. Small wonder then the world has been supplied with aluminum cooking utensils and the warmers are wanting to aerosol it all over the planet for us truthers and birthers (free thinkers) to breathe.