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Kentucky state senator says independents can move out of country if they don't like 2 party system

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Pretty unbelievable

Nice to see independents starting to make their move, though.

That's the problem exactly

the party taking priority over the Constitution, party taking priority over "THE RULE OF LAW" Well Mr state senator this country isn't your GD countryclub. If you do not follow the LAWS AS THEY ARE WRITTEN. Your ass can sit out, there is NO WAY YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO REPRESENT ANYONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. PARTY is meaningless, it is a joke, if the Constitution is not followed they are meaningless, it's just professional wrestling without THE LAWS. God are these people really this thick ?

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow


guess it's time for me to go to bed because I'm gettin' cranky. This set my teeth on edge:
"...Partisan opposition is adamant that the current two-party system is the purest form of American democracy and should not be altered to placate those individuals who refuse to participate in the dominant, electoral model..."

Hey, partisan opposition, it's a REPUBLIC! Get it? BY, OF AND FOR THE PEOPLE! THE PEOPLE want 3rd party options, comprende? And, by the way, y'all certainly don't seem to have any problem placating yourselves!!!

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

...A Democracy is a Two-Party system monopoly...

...with no tolerance for anything which is not part of that system...according to this Senator???
...The establishment has just admitted publicly that, in fact, as we already fully understood, IT IS NOT A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC...!!!
...This should be front page news around the Country...

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

Front page news

I agree. This needs to be seen and heard to be believed. If I lived in Kentucky, I think I'd have a talk with that man.

Ky. choice

Wow! I didn't know the Constitution allowed for just 2 parties in the U.S., did you? I've read that thing a number of times so I must have overlooked that part; I'll re-read it.

How arrogant was that guy?! It reminds me of the old joke about the 2 communists that people had to choose from: You were still electing a commie no matter which one was chosen! That's not what I'd call much choice.

Thanks for posting that.

what an old coot lol

So independents cannot participate in the party primaries in Kentucky? Would this legislation effect Rand's race if passed or does it effect the next election?